June 30, 2007

Why am I making this so difficult?

I am driving myself. mad. Really, I am. I have deleted and retyped the words on this page way too many times.
You see, I've decided to 'branch out' and start sharing my thoughts on this blog, as opposed to the blog I have on http://360.yahoo.com/frogsndaisies. I've sincerely met a lot of really great people there, but I've recently discovered several advantages to having a blog on a site like this one. I'm so comfortable on my Yahoo blog, but maybe that's not such a good thing. Here I am, stepping out of my comfort zone.
I was going to make my first blog post for this blog an introduction to my life and all the people I will probably be bitching about here and there, but I won't belittle you that way. I'm sure you're quite capable of catching on quickly enough. Much like a soap opera, it's pretty easy to get the hang of the way things go around here, and the scenery rarely changes. Most days, that's okay with me. I do not handle change too well and I'm a bit of a 'committment phobe.'
~Go ahead. Laugh. A married woman with three kids is afraid of committment. Those are 'no brainers' for me. See if you ever see a tattoo or new haircut on me. For those of you who are new here.....you probably won't.~
I currently have a husband and three daughters. The reason I use the word 'currently' is because there are still a couple days left on my Ebay listing and those numbers could change.
I must come back and read this entry next week, when I am no longer on Vicodin. I had a little 'procedure' done last Tuesday and am still feeling some of the effects. Enough, anyway, to make me really appreciate my little red bottle of pills. 1YO thinks of it as a 'rattle' and I actually handed it to her in the car earlier to get her to stop hollering.
After all, isn't that why they make those bottles childproof?
These are my monsters.


Can you believe nobody instantly clicked on 'Buy It Now?'

Me either.

That was actually taken almost a year ago. It's just always been one of my favorites. This is more recent:

Yeah...I know the little one needs a tissue. This has been one of those years where we have seen 3,528 runny noses. Between that and the fact that she is the third child.....I guess I just don't care as much.

Wow. Gas-X is amazing.

Another one of the 'effects' I've been feeling from my 'procedure' is gas pain. They poke a hole in your stomach and fill it up with carbon dioxide so they can look around and see a little better. Not all of the gas comes out before they close you up. At least, that's what they tell you. For all I know they took pictures of me with silly hats and in funny poses, maybe even with beer cans in my hand and a corn cob pipe hanging out of my mouth. They could have, for all I care. It's a better to think about that than what they actually did in there.

I need another Vicodin....


Holly said...

I love it!!! You are so crazy girl!!

Anonymous said...

hehehe...just as funny and entertaining here as on 360...HUGGGSSSS

Leann I Am said...

Thanks for stopping by, you guys!

wildtomato said...

Ah, gas. What a timeless topic.

Love the format, love the blog name, and I love the content!

Anonymous said...

You are so creative. Great Job!!

Alice said...

Hey Cousin! Nice blog. Hope everyone is having a happy and safe fourth of July holiday. We were pretty much right under the fireworks being blown on the Snake River. You're going to have to drag David and the family here one fourth of July because fireworks are legal and they have a huge firework display on the Snake River. Give everyone my love and tell them I said "Hi"
Alice In Idaho