February 28, 2009

The Resilience of Children and Folding Clothes

Seriously? Is this what my life has become?
I logged onto my MySpace page a few minutes ago. The last time I'd updated it was last weekend when 12YO had the stomach flu. I posted that I was getting tired of the smell of Lysol...or something like that! I wanted to update my update. I didn't want to whine or complain because I just hate it when I know there's a long-term whine out there for all the world to see. So, I just typed in the first non-complaint that came to mind: Leann I Am needs to fold a load of clothes....WOW, I just realized how boring I am!
I didn't want that one line to reflect my whining or complaining, but I think it ended up like that anyway! I'm not complaining about laundry. I don't actually mind laundry all that much, believe it or not! It's the one household chore that I don't usually feel overwhelmed by. The rest of the chores can kiss my arse, but the laundry is okay.
I could have updated my update with the fact that I'm flipping exhausted. 3YO has a slight cold, which turns into a wicked cough at night. She coughed ALL NIGHT LONG. I stayed out in the living room with her, so she woudn't disturb the rest of the house. She woke up from a late nap yesterday pretty feverish, so I gave her one dose of ibuprofen. I've started using her albuterol inhaler every four hours to loosen it up. I hardly got any sleep at all. Neither did she, but you would never know it by looking at her! She is dancing and singing and playing as if she hasn't been up half the night coughing.
Seriously! How do kids do that???
Meanwhile, I'm trying to talk myself out of brewing a second pot of coffee, A.K.A. 'Nectar of the Gods.' Wednesday was a pretty long day for me. I brewed a pot of coffee in the evening that no one ended up touching. Letting an entire pot of coffee go to waste is wrong on so many levels, so I took it upon myself to drink half of it. By myself. After 9:00 at night. An hour or so later, I found a burst of energy I don't usually get. I cleaned my kitchen, put the food away, straightened up the living room, etc. I was bouncing off the walls until about midnight, then I went to bed. It was then that I realized I am not one of those people who really cares if they fall asleep or not. Just the act of lying in bed and doing nothing is relaxing to me. I could stay awake and stare at walls all night!
The caffeine must have still been somewhat in my system the next morning, because I hopped out of bed and bounced around the house like I'd slept really well, even though I don't think I had! I had some more coffee and worked in 6YO's class that morning. I bounced through my errands after that, amazed that I still had so much energy. I came home and had some lunch.
Then, it hit me. (Or I hit it, depending on how you see it!)
I hit my wall at about 3:00.
I suddenly felt like I hadn't slept in DAYS. My eyes became heavy, as did my whole body. I had to lie down...NOW! I think I caught a 15 minute or so nap that afternoon and pretty much dragged through the rest of my day.
As of now, I've folded that pesky load of clothes and it's beckoning me to put it all away. I'm just wondering if I have the time to squeeze in a quick nap before I have to take 12YO to her softball practice. Probably not. I'm watching 'Say Anything' for the second time this week. I've just been in the mood, I guess. I often forget how unusually attractive John Cusack is! I need to get ahold of a copy of 'Better Off Dead.' That's one of my favorite John Cusack movies! David is rolling his eyes at my choice of movies.
Anyhow, I guess it's time to actually start my day. But first, maybe I should update my status update on MySpace. I must have something more exciting to talk about than folding stinkin' laundry!
Or do I?

February 21, 2009

Sick Kids, New Rugs, and Curly Fries

Here is another addition to my growing 'rug collection.' I don't REALLY collect rugs, but they are having such a great sale that I can't help but want more. Once I got my purdy rugs down on my living room floor, I realized how old and yucky the ones in my kitchen were. Nothing makes something look older than something new does!
I like the colors and think I'll be able to work with them in my kitchen. I am working on fixing a tablecloth that I had to cut in order to make it OVAL. Why on earth do they not sell oval tablecloths very many places? I mean, I think that I, personally, have seen enough oval tables in existence to justify someone actually manufacturing a few tablecloths the same size and shape.
Since I'm pretty sure they don't exist, I bought an OBLONG tablecloth and am cutting it into an oval myself. I'm not what I consider to be especially competent on a sewing machine, but I'll do what I can. I'll have to wait until the kids are asleep to start sewing, because there just might be quite a bit of swearing while I fight with my sewing machine. And maybe some liquor...I'm not sure yet!
12YO is still sick, but improving. She started out today much like yesterday, with lots of moaning and whaling. UGH. I forced her to eat TWO SALTINE CRACKERS and take some Tylenol. (I know, I'm evil that way!) She's still pretty achy, but most of that is probably from being so sedentary for the past two days. David went to her first softball practice this morning. There was supposed to be a parent meeting. He said that it wasn't really anything he probably needed to be at, but he went anyhow. At least he got to see how the new coach does things. Dealing with junior high girls canNOT be the easiest job and last year's guy didn't do so hot. I think he meant well and I can't hold him personally responsible for anything, but the girls never really felt like a TEAM and they didn't support each other like a team should. Needless to say, we lost a lot of games and there was a lot of blaming and finger-pointing amongst the girls. That's pretty typical for junior high girls, but STILL...
I got to sneak out and run some errands for a couple of hours. That was nice. I got my rugs, some thread, and yarn. (SHUT UP! I know I have too much yarn already...but can you really EVER have too much yarn???) I have so many projects and designs in my head and they need to come to life! While I was out, David cranked up the deep fryer and made the girls some deep fried bean burritos (Okay, CHIMICHANGAS, whatever!) and some curly fries. He loves that stupid deep fryer! The first one died and I got him this one for Valentine's Day. Those of you that know what his cholesterol levels have been are probably thinking that I'm trying to kill him. Honestly, he usually only uses it like once a week when he makes breakfast and doesn't eat much of it. He prefers to make bacon in it because...well, let's face it: Bacon is AWESOME in the deep fryer!!! I'm learning that pretty much everything is better when it is deep fried.
And I'm struggling with the size of my thighs...I just don't get it!
Since having a couple of curly fries earlier, 12YO is begging David to make more.
I think she might make it!
I'm gonna go and see if I can figure out a game plan for dominating my sewing machine. Really, it's a nice machine. My mom got it for me for Christmas a few years ago. I just really need to learn how to sew. Again. I mean, I did take home econimics once upon a time...

February 20, 2009

Absence Makes the Blog Grow Boring

I should just print this out and hang it in my kitchen, huh?

3YO sits among her mess (okay, so some of it is mine and some is 12YO's!) and watches Max and Ruby. AGAIN.

And she's sitting on my new rug. Isn't it purdy? Supposedly, you can even pour bleach on these things and they won't fade. I'm not sure I'm actually willing to test that theory, but it would be cool if it were really true!
12YO stayed home sick today. She gets so dramatic and weak when she's sick that it makes me NUTS. She's already called me from down the hall on her cell phone to ask me to buy her some Sprite. I was talking to my mom earlier, and she even called HER on her other line to have HER ask ME to get her some Sprite. Seriously? We have apple juice, orange juice, water, milk, etc. I will go shopping LATER, but she should be plenty hydrated with what we already have available.
She was moaning and groaning last night from the recliner. I told her to knock it off. She said, "SORRY." And then she stopped. This stuff is totally within her control, she just has to get a grip! My bedside manner totally sucks because I cannot stand all the drama. The fact that she's the oldest AND the worst when it comes to not feeling well....well, that just annoys the crap outta me!
Of course, every single time I complain about my kids to my mom, she has to throw in the fact that I was MUCH WORSE. Whatever they do wrong, I did more. When they whine, I whined more. When they make messes, I made worse ones. See any patterns here? I'm not really sure if my bad behavior is really coming back to bite me on the butt via my children or if Grandma and her 'babies who can do no wrong' are joining forces.
I'm sensing a conspiracy here!
Other than that, things have just been busy. Not even all that exciting, just busy. I have a whole chicken in the crock pot for tonight's dinner. I usually follow the recipe that I got from my HERO'S blog, but I was lazy this time and just rubbed the chicken with Pappy's. You can never go wrong with Pappy's.
I've knitted a couple of hats this week. I need to finish one for 6YO's teacher's son's silent auction thingy. Was that not clear?
I've gone too long without writing. I miss it. It feels good to type my ramblings. It calms me.
Now, if I could just get a good foot rub too...

February 12, 2009

My Self-Involved, Too Busy to Write Anything Significant Post

I got a haircut yesterday. It was time. Luckily, I have a lady who cuts our hair, doesn't charge much, and doesn't require appointments. I wake up one day and decide I want a haircut, so it isn't something I can usually plan! I tend to flare my nostrils when I'm mad and look like a bull, or my Aunt Earlene! It was time to get bangs again, since I now notice the little lines creeping across my forehead more than not. Stupid, stupid aging! I think that, as my face ages, my bangs will get longer and darker to conceal it. I'm sure to look all 'Emo' before long...

3YO was taking pictures of me, and decided to give her my best 'Home Alone face.' It made her laugh, so that's all that really matters I guess.

NO...I was SOOO not trying to look sexy here. I was just shaking my hair up (when your hair gets a significant cut, it's fun!) and I think I might have even been about to sneeze when 3YO took this picture. Once again, this one made her laugh too. Please don't email with offers for internet dating. Not interested. I'm not interested in making my penis larger either, but those emails still find me. Just today, I've won the European Lottery, twice, the Irish Lottery, inherited something from some guy in Geneva, and can get a great deal on a Gevalia coffee maker.

3YO got a new dress from a really good friend of mine. She looooves this dress and she would wear it every day if she could. But eventually, both she and the dress need to part so that they can get clean. This upsets her.

And....I saved the best for last. 3YO took a picture that is pretty cool to me. If you don't have kids, you might not know what this is. This is the inside of one of those giant cartons of Goldfish Crackers. Completely untouched and not at all cropped. How she ever thought to take a shot like this is beyond me!
Well, that's about it. I worked in 6YO's class from 8:30 to 10:00 this morning. Then, I had to be back there at 11:30 for a class party...which pretty much lasted the rest of the day! I. Am. Beat. I think I spent more than five hours in a classroom full of 5 and 6-year-olds all hopped up on candy and adrenaline.
Memories that will last forever. No matter how hard we try to block them out!

February 11, 2009

Wednesdays and Winners

She's smiling because I didn't make her wash her face before snapping this picture. She 'won' that one!

Time has flown and it's already Wednesday. This is the first chance I've had to sit down and write something. It seems that something's always got to give, you know?

I mean, there just simply aren't enough hours in a day for all we want and need to get done. Every acheivement seems to come as the cost of something else. My time on my computer seems to be pushed to the back burner more and more lately. Then again, so do all the books I want to read, things I want to knit, rooms I want to clean, clutter I want to eliminate...

WOW...what on earth do I actually DO all day???

I'm here for the time being. I think I really do spend most of my days feeding 3YO. I mean, the kid is hungry just about every ten minutes. However, most of my day is spent arguing with her about finishing what I gave her before I make her something else.

The child, she likes to argue. And, she loves to WIN.

As a matter of fact, I was hugging her the other day. (Yes, I've hugged her since then...but this one sticks out in my mind and you'll see why!) I told her I needed a good hug and I told her to squeeze me tighter. I squeezed her tighter and we both sort of grunted. As we each let go of one another, she popped back and proclaimed, "I WIN."

Whatever she did, she did it better than I. She won that hug!

How does one win a hug?

3YO can tell you how. She wins everything. I can walk down the hallway, only to have her whiz past me and declare that she won. Pretty much everywhere I go, she tries to get there better and faster. The kid likes to win. And, when I sneak past her while she is lying on the couch engrossed in Regis and Kelly and attempt to use the restroom ALONE, I get to hear her screaming as she comes to find me. Apparently, she didn't win that one. And 3YO hates nothing more than NOT WINNING.
I just had to send her to her room for helping herself to chocolate milk after I told her 'NO.' She's not going to win this one...

February 5, 2009

Flexibility and Chicken Soup

Pitiful, isn't she?
6YO woke up fine this morning. Even though she went to bed a bit later than usual, she was still up by 7:00 on her own. She ate a good breakfast and was playing and goofing around. I even had to threaten her a little to get her to get dressed, as usual. I got ready and went to my friend's house to keep 3YO and her two little ones while she worked in the classroom.
By 9:00, I had a phone call from the school telling me that 6YO didn't feel well. She was complaining of a stomach ache and had a low grade fever. FANTASTIC. I picked 6YO up and she's home for the rest of the day. She actually doesn't feel all that bad, but they don't want anyone at school who has a fever.
We're watching Pete's Dragon. 6YO is studying dragons in her class and I remembered we had this movie on VHS. It's old, but it seems to be working fine. I'm also trying my hand at chicken noodle soup, from scratch. I even made the chicken broth! You can find that recipe HERE, on the blog of my CROCK POT HERO. I had big plans to get things done. Big plans, I tell you! But, now all 6YO wants to do is cuddle. At least I can knit while we snuggle and watch tv.
...and that sounds like an even better day to me!

February 2, 2009

If it's not a case of 'the Mondays,' then what is it?

David stayed home sick today. He isn't sure if it's something he ate or if he actually has a bug of some sort. Since I pretty much ate all the same things he did, only much, much less, I'm either thinking he has a virus or he's just suffering from a good case of being a glutton. He did eat an awful lot of things that might not have played so well together in his belly! He hated calling in sick to work today, being as it's the day after the Superbowl and a large percentage of this country was probably hung over. I mean, why should they believe that HE is really sick, right? Well, he had no choice. He's throwing up and his whole body hurts.
I took the girls to school today and came home and got ready to take 3YO to the library. We were running a little late, but otherwise doing okay. Once we were about to leave, I started feeling sort of....icky. My head started to hurt down the front of the face and the back of my neck. 3YO and I were supposed to meet a friend for lunch.
The thought of 'lunch' suddenly made my stomach turn.
I came home instead of going to eat lunch and run errands. 3YO was getting tired anyway. I called my friend and cancelled lunch. I took some ibuprofen and a multivitamin. I ate some tortilla chips. It was then that I decided that the true test of whether or not I was really getting sick was to dip my tortilla chips in some guacamole. I must have passed that test, because I still haven't actually become sick. In fact, I feel okay. I never got any worse and I even feel a little better. The headache has calmed down significantly and I've been eating whatever sounds good. Which is mostly bread. And tortilla chips.
Anyhow, David has spent the entire day in bed either sleeping or emptying the contents of his stomach into our septic tank. (Sorry for the visual) I must feel 100 times better than he looks like he feels.
It's a good thing, too. If I tried to call in sick, I don't think my boss would understand...
...and my cat is still missing. *SNIFF*