February 28, 2009

The Resilience of Children and Folding Clothes

Seriously? Is this what my life has become?
I logged onto my MySpace page a few minutes ago. The last time I'd updated it was last weekend when 12YO had the stomach flu. I posted that I was getting tired of the smell of Lysol...or something like that! I wanted to update my update. I didn't want to whine or complain because I just hate it when I know there's a long-term whine out there for all the world to see. So, I just typed in the first non-complaint that came to mind: Leann I Am needs to fold a load of clothes....WOW, I just realized how boring I am!
I didn't want that one line to reflect my whining or complaining, but I think it ended up like that anyway! I'm not complaining about laundry. I don't actually mind laundry all that much, believe it or not! It's the one household chore that I don't usually feel overwhelmed by. The rest of the chores can kiss my arse, but the laundry is okay.
I could have updated my update with the fact that I'm flipping exhausted. 3YO has a slight cold, which turns into a wicked cough at night. She coughed ALL NIGHT LONG. I stayed out in the living room with her, so she woudn't disturb the rest of the house. She woke up from a late nap yesterday pretty feverish, so I gave her one dose of ibuprofen. I've started using her albuterol inhaler every four hours to loosen it up. I hardly got any sleep at all. Neither did she, but you would never know it by looking at her! She is dancing and singing and playing as if she hasn't been up half the night coughing.
Seriously! How do kids do that???
Meanwhile, I'm trying to talk myself out of brewing a second pot of coffee, A.K.A. 'Nectar of the Gods.' Wednesday was a pretty long day for me. I brewed a pot of coffee in the evening that no one ended up touching. Letting an entire pot of coffee go to waste is wrong on so many levels, so I took it upon myself to drink half of it. By myself. After 9:00 at night. An hour or so later, I found a burst of energy I don't usually get. I cleaned my kitchen, put the food away, straightened up the living room, etc. I was bouncing off the walls until about midnight, then I went to bed. It was then that I realized I am not one of those people who really cares if they fall asleep or not. Just the act of lying in bed and doing nothing is relaxing to me. I could stay awake and stare at walls all night!
The caffeine must have still been somewhat in my system the next morning, because I hopped out of bed and bounced around the house like I'd slept really well, even though I don't think I had! I had some more coffee and worked in 6YO's class that morning. I bounced through my errands after that, amazed that I still had so much energy. I came home and had some lunch.
Then, it hit me. (Or I hit it, depending on how you see it!)
I hit my wall at about 3:00.
I suddenly felt like I hadn't slept in DAYS. My eyes became heavy, as did my whole body. I had to lie down...NOW! I think I caught a 15 minute or so nap that afternoon and pretty much dragged through the rest of my day.
As of now, I've folded that pesky load of clothes and it's beckoning me to put it all away. I'm just wondering if I have the time to squeeze in a quick nap before I have to take 12YO to her softball practice. Probably not. I'm watching 'Say Anything' for the second time this week. I've just been in the mood, I guess. I often forget how unusually attractive John Cusack is! I need to get ahold of a copy of 'Better Off Dead.' That's one of my favorite John Cusack movies! David is rolling his eyes at my choice of movies.
Anyhow, I guess it's time to actually start my day. But first, maybe I should update my status update on MySpace. I must have something more exciting to talk about than folding stinkin' laundry!
Or do I?

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Kat said...

YUM, young John Cusack!!!! I totally agree, Say Anything, Better Off Dead, The Journey of Natty Gann...man was he smokin' hot!