February 20, 2009

Absence Makes the Blog Grow Boring

I should just print this out and hang it in my kitchen, huh?

3YO sits among her mess (okay, so some of it is mine and some is 12YO's!) and watches Max and Ruby. AGAIN.

And she's sitting on my new rug. Isn't it purdy? Supposedly, you can even pour bleach on these things and they won't fade. I'm not sure I'm actually willing to test that theory, but it would be cool if it were really true!
12YO stayed home sick today. She gets so dramatic and weak when she's sick that it makes me NUTS. She's already called me from down the hall on her cell phone to ask me to buy her some Sprite. I was talking to my mom earlier, and she even called HER on her other line to have HER ask ME to get her some Sprite. Seriously? We have apple juice, orange juice, water, milk, etc. I will go shopping LATER, but she should be plenty hydrated with what we already have available.
She was moaning and groaning last night from the recliner. I told her to knock it off. She said, "SORRY." And then she stopped. This stuff is totally within her control, she just has to get a grip! My bedside manner totally sucks because I cannot stand all the drama. The fact that she's the oldest AND the worst when it comes to not feeling well....well, that just annoys the crap outta me!
Of course, every single time I complain about my kids to my mom, she has to throw in the fact that I was MUCH WORSE. Whatever they do wrong, I did more. When they whine, I whined more. When they make messes, I made worse ones. See any patterns here? I'm not really sure if my bad behavior is really coming back to bite me on the butt via my children or if Grandma and her 'babies who can do no wrong' are joining forces.
I'm sensing a conspiracy here!
Other than that, things have just been busy. Not even all that exciting, just busy. I have a whole chicken in the crock pot for tonight's dinner. I usually follow the recipe that I got from my HERO'S blog, but I was lazy this time and just rubbed the chicken with Pappy's. You can never go wrong with Pappy's.
I've knitted a couple of hats this week. I need to finish one for 6YO's teacher's son's silent auction thingy. Was that not clear?
I've gone too long without writing. I miss it. It feels good to type my ramblings. It calms me.
Now, if I could just get a good foot rub too...


Shakes said...

beautiful rug, and yes, you can spill bleach on it and it's fine. We have a turkish rug (from Turkey) and one year for Christmas I tried the "bleach water" for saving the tree, and when I was filling the stand I overfilled and got the mix on our rug, not a single spot was affected! The downside to those rugs, you have to take them outside and scrub them down with a brush and woolite. it's a necessary evil (the nice looks out weigh the pain in the butt cleaning rules)

Jolene said...

I like your coffee sign, I need one of those too.
My mom says the opposite of what your mom says. She says that I never cried as much, wasn't as hyper, etc. as my kids are. So that makes me feel like my kids must be rotten! lol (in a good way of course)

Leann I Am said...

Thanks! The lady at the store said we could use 409 on it or just hose it off if we want! They were on clearance for $50.00, so it's totally worth it to me!

Leann I Am said...

Jolene, WOW! I cannot imagine my mom thinking I did anything any better than my kids. According to her, they are angels compared to ME.

Funny, it feels like I should somehow get the credit for that...but she thinks they are that way naturally.


jonathan kland said...

ha ha - this is too funny - my daughter is the SAME. She's only 8 but is the oldest also. Everything is overly dramatic and everything gets milked. At least she doesn't have a cell phone...yet.