February 21, 2009

Sick Kids, New Rugs, and Curly Fries

Here is another addition to my growing 'rug collection.' I don't REALLY collect rugs, but they are having such a great sale that I can't help but want more. Once I got my purdy rugs down on my living room floor, I realized how old and yucky the ones in my kitchen were. Nothing makes something look older than something new does!
I like the colors and think I'll be able to work with them in my kitchen. I am working on fixing a tablecloth that I had to cut in order to make it OVAL. Why on earth do they not sell oval tablecloths very many places? I mean, I think that I, personally, have seen enough oval tables in existence to justify someone actually manufacturing a few tablecloths the same size and shape.
Since I'm pretty sure they don't exist, I bought an OBLONG tablecloth and am cutting it into an oval myself. I'm not what I consider to be especially competent on a sewing machine, but I'll do what I can. I'll have to wait until the kids are asleep to start sewing, because there just might be quite a bit of swearing while I fight with my sewing machine. And maybe some liquor...I'm not sure yet!
12YO is still sick, but improving. She started out today much like yesterday, with lots of moaning and whaling. UGH. I forced her to eat TWO SALTINE CRACKERS and take some Tylenol. (I know, I'm evil that way!) She's still pretty achy, but most of that is probably from being so sedentary for the past two days. David went to her first softball practice this morning. There was supposed to be a parent meeting. He said that it wasn't really anything he probably needed to be at, but he went anyhow. At least he got to see how the new coach does things. Dealing with junior high girls canNOT be the easiest job and last year's guy didn't do so hot. I think he meant well and I can't hold him personally responsible for anything, but the girls never really felt like a TEAM and they didn't support each other like a team should. Needless to say, we lost a lot of games and there was a lot of blaming and finger-pointing amongst the girls. That's pretty typical for junior high girls, but STILL...
I got to sneak out and run some errands for a couple of hours. That was nice. I got my rugs, some thread, and yarn. (SHUT UP! I know I have too much yarn already...but can you really EVER have too much yarn???) I have so many projects and designs in my head and they need to come to life! While I was out, David cranked up the deep fryer and made the girls some deep fried bean burritos (Okay, CHIMICHANGAS, whatever!) and some curly fries. He loves that stupid deep fryer! The first one died and I got him this one for Valentine's Day. Those of you that know what his cholesterol levels have been are probably thinking that I'm trying to kill him. Honestly, he usually only uses it like once a week when he makes breakfast and doesn't eat much of it. He prefers to make bacon in it because...well, let's face it: Bacon is AWESOME in the deep fryer!!! I'm learning that pretty much everything is better when it is deep fried.
And I'm struggling with the size of my thighs...I just don't get it!
Since having a couple of curly fries earlier, 12YO is begging David to make more.
I think she might make it!
I'm gonna go and see if I can figure out a game plan for dominating my sewing machine. Really, it's a nice machine. My mom got it for me for Christmas a few years ago. I just really need to learn how to sew. Again. I mean, I did take home econimics once upon a time...

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