February 5, 2009

Flexibility and Chicken Soup

Pitiful, isn't she?
6YO woke up fine this morning. Even though she went to bed a bit later than usual, she was still up by 7:00 on her own. She ate a good breakfast and was playing and goofing around. I even had to threaten her a little to get her to get dressed, as usual. I got ready and went to my friend's house to keep 3YO and her two little ones while she worked in the classroom.
By 9:00, I had a phone call from the school telling me that 6YO didn't feel well. She was complaining of a stomach ache and had a low grade fever. FANTASTIC. I picked 6YO up and she's home for the rest of the day. She actually doesn't feel all that bad, but they don't want anyone at school who has a fever.
We're watching Pete's Dragon. 6YO is studying dragons in her class and I remembered we had this movie on VHS. It's old, but it seems to be working fine. I'm also trying my hand at chicken noodle soup, from scratch. I even made the chicken broth! You can find that recipe HERE, on the blog of my CROCK POT HERO. I had big plans to get things done. Big plans, I tell you! But, now all 6YO wants to do is cuddle. At least I can knit while we snuggle and watch tv.
...and that sounds like an even better day to me!


Jolene said...

There is nothing worse than when your kids are sick. Hope she feels better soon!

PMG Smith Family said...

Snuggling with your little one is the best, isn't it? It's too bad they don't slow down to do it more often. :o)