March 3, 2009

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but did you watch 'The Bachelor' last night?

Let me start by saying that I didn't actually follow this season of 'The Bachelor.' I knew who the Bachelor was and the whole single dad schpeel because I don't live under a rock, but most of that stuff doesn't interest me. Reality TV is like a car wreck that happens over and over and that crap just gets old.
David, on the other hand, has caught the show whenever he could!
In between wrestling with our crackling and popping cable box that was about to drive us insane, David hooked the line directly to the television so he could watch 'The Bachelor.' Apparently, he and 12YO have been watching it together regularly. Where I was during all of this, who knows? I could have just been knitting or something and never realized what was on. Either way, David and 12YO had watched the show enough to pick their favorites and everything.
I wonder how many other things go on arond here that I'm completely clueless about? Then again, they say that ignorance is bliss and I'm all about bliss...
SO....we tune in last night and all watch the show together. Since I hadn't really watched the show, I had no real opinions or attachments to the characters. Being as we live in California, David asked me if I'd Google the show to find out who he'd picked. we cheated! What of it???
It only took a few clicks to find a blog about how ticked off people were that he picked Melissa, proposed to Melissa, jumped in a pool in formal wear with Melissa and his son, went on the 'After the Final Rose' and dumped Melissa only to turn around and ask Molly if he could get another chance with her.
Did you get all that?
It was even better knowing what was going to happen while I was watching it. No surprises, no real investment in the possibility of disappointment. Between telling them what was going to happen next and my snarky comments, it almost felt like we were doing our own episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000! (I love that show, by the way!) What I really want to know is:
Seriously, she had that crap PACKED ON and NOT ONE SMUDGE was visible during her limo ride/getaway from the scene. I was impressed, to say the least. She could seriously sell whatever she was wearing because I know I'd look into buying long as I didn't have to take out a second mortgage or something. We all have our limits, right?
So, a good chunk of the world has just put Jason Mesnick on 'their list.' Ten or so years from now, his son might watch some old repeats and say, "DUDE...Dad, you were an ASS!!!" Maybe not. I was reading all these angry comments during the commercial breaks and we were getting quite a few laughs. I'm sorry, but when people get pissed they are usually at their funniest! And pointing that fact out usually just gets them more pissed. (And I think I've just explained every argument David and I have ever had. WOW.)
Hmmm..if only angry people knew how funny they were!
The absolute best was that Molly kept looking around during the 'After the Final Rose' show like she was expecting to see Ashton jump out and tell her she was being 'PUNKED.' I guess we can't really blame her for just taking him back so easily...she was 'shell shocked.' I wonder if they have some sort of support group for women who have been on that show and had their heart run over by a MAC TRUCK for all the world to see.
Oh wait...they's called 'The Bachelorette!"
Anyhow, David and I ended up staying up way too late last night because we absolutely had to watch Jason Mesnick's interview with Jimmy Kimmel. That was seriously one of the funniest interviews I've ever seen! I'll just have to drink a bit more coffee to recover. I woke up feeling a bit hung over this morning and I can't figure out if it's from the sleep loss or the coconut cake that I made last night. My stomach hurts right now and I have only myself (and that cake!) to blame. I got THIS RECIPE from MY CROCKPOTTING HERO and totally intended to make this in the crock pot. But, my procrastinational skills got the better of me yesterday and I still wanted the cake soo....I just made it in the OVEN like a normal cake! ACK! I didn't have the coconut extract and I accidently bought coconut JUICE instead of coconut MILK...but it came out absolutely scrumptious! I could eat this cake every single day of my life, though I'd have to get somebody to roll me to the kitchen to get some before long.
Anyhow, I'm off to try and start my day....and grab another cup of coffee! I would love to read any comments that you might have about the car wreck so many of us stayed up to watch last night. I haven't seen such big flip-flopping since the Presidential Debates of 2008!

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