March 21, 2009

Running on Empty

Sometimes things get so crazy and hectic that I almost WISH I were really sick, if just for a day. What does a mom have to do to get a day off around here???

Softball season has officially started. Hold me.

We were at softball-related stuff from just after 9:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. I stayed up until after 1:30 making hair bows. They just go their uniforms LAST NIGHT and had pictures today. How could I let them go without a little sumpin-sumpin purdy in their hair? I couldn't.
Therefore...I. AM. POOPED.

David stayed the night at a sleep disorder place. They were testing him for sleep apnea, because he snores like an angry bear. The snoring doesn't bother's the NOT SNORING that gets me concerned. At least I know he's BREATHING when he snores. We hope to get the results back from that really soon. I sleep like a rock either way, but it would certainly be nice to know that he can continue to breathe and might not always wake up so many times during the night. (Which I really only know because he tells me he wakes up because HEY....I'M SLEEPING!!!)
The little time I have spent on the computer has been devoted to playing with a new program. Like my picture? I had a few minutes to play and just grabbed an older picture of the girls that I love. Just knowing what I was able to do in a few minutes with no experience makes me excited to spend more time with it. It's actually a Creative Memories program...and I'm not even a scrapbooker! Then again, I could TOTALLY see myself scrapbooking on my computer! In the meantime, I plan on using this program to make cards and things.
I've been absent, to say the least, from the blogosphere. Life has a way of getting the the way like that, doesn't it? (Or, does blogging get in the way of life?) Anyhow, the week has been crazy-busy. Is there a point where it's supposed to slow down? You know, life in general? Aaaahh...just forget it. I'd probably just get bored and complain then too!
Speaking of excitement, my COMPLETELY FILTHY 3YO just came in and hopped on my lap, all the while informing me that it's starting to RAIN. The dirt on her shirt, face and arms is turning into MUD before my very eyes! David and 6YO are still out playing in the back...which means two more of my family members will be coming into my house bringing some mud. I need to get dinner going and chase after the majority of my family with a pressure washer.
Just another exciting Saturday night around here.....

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