March 9, 2009

This is going to be interesting...

Just so you know, I'm practically blind right now. I am in the proces of getting a migraine headache. I can't see SQUAT right now, so please forgive the typos!
It's been such a busy week. It feels good to have my eyes closed right now...and I can't see much anyway so that really works out well!
On Friday, 6YO woke up and told me that her head hurt and it felt like someone was pushing on her ear. Given her record with always having some sort of infection brewing in her ears and/or sinuses whenever she so much as points to her head, I took her to the doctor. Surprisingly, this was the first time that she has ever mentioned pressure when it wasn't actually a serious infection. I'm really glad she's becoming more sensitive to what's going on because I wasn't really comfortable with the fact that she's had her eardrum rupture without mentioning any discomfort. She did, however, have a cold. Since she's had three pretty significant infections in her ears in the past four months, we need to be careful. If she gets one more infection in the next two months, she'll probably be a candidate for getting tubes in her ears. If that happens, then fine. I'd rather her have tubes than more reasons to take antibiotics. This kid has taken antibiotics quite a few times in the past year or so. The spider bitres in August, the ear infections, and the couple of sinus infections have all been really good reasons to take them. I feel very fortunate to have a pediatrician that is very practical. She won't just give antibiotics for every little sneeze, but she will when she deems it necessary. Plus, she has given her different ones almost every time, so that she doesn't build up a resistance to a certain one. As far as that goes, I feel we are in good hands. Rgardless of that, however, I'd like to do what I can to prevent the need for as many antibiotics as possible.
Her doctor knows she has a cold right now and is pretty sure that 6YO has allergies. Through the end of April, 6YO is now to take Zyrtec and Nasonex every day. Hopefully, that will keep her sinuses and ears as clear and dry as possible through the season. After that, Dr. A feels that we will be in the clear. She doesn't really have a history of getting them in the summer, which is ironic since she spends so much time in water...but whatever!
WOW...I think I'm doing better than I expected typing without being able to see much! As much as I hated my high school typing class, I'm so grateful to that drill sergeant of a lady who taught it.
I'm pretty sure I know why I'm getting a migraine. I haven't been sleeping as much, I've been cleaning more, and my eating habits have been HORRIBLE! I need to try to cut out sugar and flour again. It's amazing how much better I felt and how the migraines basically vanished from my life. Headaches in general were rare on that diet....and I lost SO MUCH WEIGHT! That alone should be enough to make me do it....but you didn't taste that coconut cake I just learned to make!!!
There's always something, huh?
Saturday was busy. 6YO had her first softball practice at 10:00. 12YO was SUPPOSED to have her practice at 3:00, but I took her all the way out there and there was no practice. This coach isn't really good at communicating, I think! I even called on Friday to see if there was practice. I left a message. David called Saturday morning and left another one. Obviously, he didn't get back to us! He didn't even show up to Tuesday's practice, so I'm not really getting a very good vibe from this guy!
The time change has us a bit screwed up, I think. PLUS, 12YO had a ski trip to go on today. She had to be at the school by 6:30. So, guess who got up at 5:00 with her to get all the stuff together? That's RIGHT! Luckily, my neighbor offered to drive her to the school. She was going there, anyway! YAY! It's just after 10:00 now and I've already been up for 5 hours. WEIRD. I'm already showered and dressed and so is 3YO. That's good, because we need to be at the library by 11:00!
HOORAY! I CAN SEE AGAIN!!! (For now.) I took my Maxalt and I'm hoping that helps me get through the day. Well, that and a nap this afternoon! I'm sooooo gonna need a nap today!

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Jolene said...

My 6yo has ear tubes, and she had her adenoids removed too because they were so enlarged.

I hope your migraine goes away!