April 20, 2008

HEY! Who's in charge here???

Some things have come up recently that have caused me to question how much of a handle I really have on things around here. For instance, did I even mean to take this shot with David's hand peeking in from the side? WHO KNOWS?
I mean, we've always been sort of cocky about how many children we have. Not so much how many, but how much control we feel we have of it all. I get pregnant the month we start trying, yet we have no 'surprises' when we're not. Or do we?
(NO. I'm NOT PREGNANT.....but thanks for asking!)
It's been a common joke in our household that he throws his underwear across the room, I catch it and I'm pregnant. I know we are SO BLESSED for it to be that easy. But, wouldn't that also mean that it would be that much easier for us to have 'accidents?' So far, we've been lucky there, too.
*knocking on wood*
Seriously, I'm sure most of us 'active' girls have had our share of 'Could I be Pregnant?' moments. And it's not just from the textbook reasoning, either.
Gosh. I just cannot seem to get enough peanut butter lately. Could I be pregnant?
I haven't been this tired for no real reason since....
(checking the calendar)
Why am I so hungry all the time???
Our thought process takes some interesting turns when we throw in the possibility of pregnancy. I've pretty much decided that we are probably done having children. We have three amazing daughters with three completely different personalities. Life is good right now. Our family feels pretty complete, really. Besides, I currently weigh a little less than I did when we got married. I finally feel like I have my body back. We only have a three bedroom house. As it is, two of the girls will always have to share a room. And what if the next one was a boy? Would we be able to add on to our house? Would be buy a bigger one?
Now, I could go on and on forever with reasons to not have another baby. But, truth be told, David and I would embrace any 'surprises' with open arms and shift our plans accordingly. If being a parent teaches us nothing else, we definitely learn how to be flexible.
I woke up with big plans today. I usually do....but my day never ends the way I plan it to. I want the kids to do what I ask and this house will be a lot more organized than it was when we woke up this morning. But, the girls are getting along so well this morning and are headed outside right now to play catch. How can I argue with that? I just took a Claritin and I think I'll head outside myself and try to straighten up the chicken coop. I can drink as much coffee as I want without worrying about the consequences. And that works perfectly. For today.
While we ponder taking more permanent measures to ensure we don't have another child, I wonder if the decision will be made for us. I know of someone who became pregnant five years after her husband was 'snipped.' And YES the baby is his and YES they have proof. It's like wearing your seatbelt: You can take all the measures possible to ensure that you survive that trip to the supermarket but, in the end, it's not really up to us, is it?
So, for today, my entire family will continue to wear their seatbelts and I will continue to try to take that little white pill within the same hour or so every night for three weeks a month....
...and the rest is out of our hands. And that's okay, too. It has to be.

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