January 21, 2010

A Bulleted List of Random Thoughts

Since I am really lacking any real creative juices about now, I'm just going to make a bulleted list of whatever flies out of my brain and off my fingertips. So there.

  • My dog is missing. We had a storm on Monday were gone for a few hours and she got out. I miss her. Aly totally misses her. Now, all she does is mope around and nap a lot. *sniff*
  • 4YO loooves golfing on the Wii. I really don't get what all the fuss is about with golf, but she really gets into it. So, YAY HER!
  • A few months ago, I used to say that she could be the next Tiger Woods.
  • I guess I have to learn the name of a new golfing icon, huh?
  • I got an immersion blender for Christmas. (THANKS MOM!) Seriously, I'm not sure how I survived without one. LOVE. IT.
  • Aly is still eating well, so long as she has her cat eating from the bowl right next to her.
  • I really had bigger plans today that what will happen now. I procrastinate. Even the shows on my DVR are long neglected.
  • There must be a pill for that.
  • A friend of mine just had a baby. He used to say he didn't want kids. I'm so glad he changed his mind. (For that matter, I bet his wife and new daughter are, too!)
  • Isn't it funny how becoming a parent gives you the right (in your head, anyway) to decide who should and shouldn't have kids? If you have kids, don't deny it! We know what this job entails and make our own decisions as to who should and shouldn't be granted children.
  • The world doesn't work that way, but it does in my head!
  • 4YO is trying to get Aly to crawl for a treat. I should really take a video of this. It's hysterical!
  • Snickers the cat has gotten to be very possessive of me. When the kids come close, he automatically tries to scratch them. Same with the dog. He will not share, apparently.
  • 4YO and 7YO both bought roller skates with their birthday money. Since the weather has been so crappy, they don their helmets in the house and skate up and down the tile hallway. It really is a sight.
  • Speaking of crappy weather, we live in a desert. (Technically speaking, of course!) Since we are known for having way less than 10 inches of rain a year, we really are ill-equipped for as little as two days of rain in a row. Throw in some wind (you know, like what most people consider to be REAL WEATHER) and all of our local news stories consist of power outtages and how many buckets are lined up down our local mall to catch the water through the leaky roofs. OH...and car accidents. We don't get real weather often enough to know how to actually drive in it!
  • And why is my missing dog not news?
  • I have been making my own laundry soap for many months now and I cannot imagine ever buying laundry soap again. Unless, of course, I ever bought a fancy little top-loading number. Then, I would have to do more research first.
  • Tonight is....drumroll please....LEFTOVER NIGHT! YAY! Anyone who has been responsible for making the majority of the meals is truly grateful for such a night.
  • I appreciate the fact that 4YO entertains herself so well at times, but why is she only entertained when she's making a MESS?
  • I miss Lily.
  • I've been doting on Aly a lot more. She just looks so sad. (Okay, so she's a boxer and their faces are shaped that way, but STILL.) She has also taken the roll of 'protector' in the house and growls and barks at any noise she hears outside....especially when I'm home alone with the girls. That was Lily's job before, evidently.
  • How can such a goofy dog be so intimidating? I'd hate to be the stranger that poses a threat...she really cares about her people! Some delivery guys won't even come NEAR the front door if they see her through the security door. HAHAHA!
  • I really need motivation.
  • I'm starting to decrease my coffee consumption. I've been down to two cups a day for a few weeks. Now, I think I'll go down to one cup of coffee and one cup of English Breakfast tea. The rest of the day I drink decaf peppermint tea or water. I need to drink more water, but the hot cup of peppermint tea feels so good in my hands. There is a window when the temperature is perfect, though. It's a small window, but totally worth it.
  • I miss my dog.

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