June 26, 2010

Oooohhh LOOK! Something SHINY!!!

I'm not sure if it's really possible to be more easily distracted than I. On more than one occasion, I sought confirmation that I was the most easily distractable person I know...but I got sidetracked and lost interest!
Anyhow, it doesn't take much for me to lose focus on a task and totally drop the ball. Having the kids home for the summer vacation is certainly no exception, either! It's certainly no excuse, but it's my reason for ignoring my blog, along with so many other things. We all have them, right?
We have had quite a bit going on around here, that's for sure! For example, we took the kids to the beach for a few days...

That was fun!
On our way back, we picked up our new boxer puppy, Tiger. He's a brindle male and cute as can be! Aly was so excited when she first saw him that she went a little goofy. (Okay, so she's already normally WAY PAST A LITTLE GOOFY, but she got even more spastic when she met her new buddy!) Now, she can calm down enough to cuddle with him....in between beating the tar out of him, of course!

If Aly could quote cheesy movie lines, I'm pretty sure she'd be saying, "You complete me" right here. (In reality, she was just trying to get a better shot at grabbing him by the throat!)

He's quite the playful little guy and keeps coming back for more, no matter how many times she slaps at him and rolls him across the room! In fact, she hasn't made him yelp even once.

Yup...here comes trouble!

As always, Snickers is the least amused of all of us. If I could read his mind....well, I probably wouldn't want to most days! He's curious about the new creature that barks like a wind-up toy and approaches Tiger to get a good sniff. To my knowledge, Tiger had never seen a cat before Snickers. Their first meeting had Tiger instantly growling at Snickers as if every fiber of his being told him that this is the enemy. Snickers, who is not easily startled, just stared at him. Somehow, the eye contact between the two critters made the puppy uncomfortable and he started to back up and run away. Maybe he's just a really good judge of character and he knows that Snickers is evil. The rest of us know that already!
So, that's my story....AND I'M STICKIN' TO IT!

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