July 29, 2010

Random Thoughts and 'Chicken and Biscuits'

Since my brain has officially become dormant from spending so much with no real schedule to speak of, some random bulleted thoughts are all I can muster.

Well...here goes!

  • My puppy has a rash. It's not serious and hasn't affected him in the least, but it's not so pleasant to pet him right now. He's on antibiotics because it was infected when it first broke out. Now, it's more dry and scaly. His short coat hides NOTHING and parts of him feel more like I'm petting a really warm bearded dragon or something. Just takes me by surprise, I guess! He's getting better now...nothing a little doctor recommended Benadryl and an oatmeal bath won't take care of now!
  • School starts (for us, anyway!) in two weeks from today. I am ready, but I'm not ready.
  • I am starting to chart my sleep patterns on this new app I got for my iPhone. SO COOL. I just wish the graphs could tell me why I wake up with headaches! (I blame the ceiling fan, but my polar bear of a husband wouldn't be able to sleep without it...and that wouldn't be any fun for ANY of us!) Tylenol and a cup of coffee seem to do the trick for me.
  • Hmm...I guess I AM sort of ready for the weather to cool down then! No fan blasting on 'high' right at my face would be a nice change...
  • There was quite a list of things that I wanted to get done before school started. I am happy to say that I tackled the most important of them: Cleaning the girls' room. It took me a bit longer to start, since I needed to check my immunization records to see when my last tetanus shot was and all. (KIDDING...mostly.)
  • Yes, I finally joined the iPhone way of life. LOVE IT. This phone is going to totally change my life, I just know it! I have apps to balance my budget, check real-time traffic reports, monitor and graph my sleep patterns, check the prices of items in other stores while I'm shopping, log my caloric intake and exercise...and on Tuesdays, it makes my dinner and wipes my behind for me! (That last app wasn't a free one...but totally worth it!) *giggle*
  • 14YO is learning to play tennis right now. (Literally..right now!) She seems to love it and I really hope she wants to play it this year with her school. It just seems like it won't take up as much time or stress her out as much as most other sports do. I want her to find something physical that she can enjoy for the rest of her life. (Lord knows I never did!)
  • I was just looking at a Justice catalog that came in the mail. They do have a lot of cute clothes for girls, but don't those people know anything about school dress codes? Our district doesn't allow clothes with holes in them...even if you paid extra for the holes! The shorts are too short and many of the tops are too skimpy. These kids go to school FIVE DAYS A WEEK most of the year. I'm not buying clothes that they can wear just the other two days of those weeks!
  • I'm not sure I'm okay with aging, even though I seem to be trying so hard. I never thought that I would, in my mid-30's, be so concerned about how many hours of REM sleep I get AND how much dietary fiber I consume in a day. HOW DID I GET HERE??? And where did I put that new wrinkle cream I bought?
  • I seem to be in a 'Katy Perry' sort of mood lately. She really has great music, but I can't help but wonder what in the hell happened to her when she was growing up? Traumatized and bitter, yet so catchy!
  • I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do, but I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't do anything that you wouldn't want to end up on YouTube! If we all lived like that, the world would be a better place. (But not nearly as interesting, huh?)
  • Things aren't usually what they seem to be. This thought has actually kept me from so much unnecessary stress. Oh, I still stress about things, but they are usually things I have some control over. (Yet, I fail to do them correctly anyway, so what does that say about me?)
  • Okay...I'm going to have to end this with a video I found last night on a friend's Facebook page. Because it made me giggle. We need more things in our day that make us giggle. So, if this video doesn't do it for you, then Google some 'Yo Mama' and/or blonde jokes and make someone else giggle unexpectedly today. You never know when someone might really need the laugh.


skl said...

I love that song... the video is awesome just because!

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