January 6, 2011

Confessions of a Snuggie Lover

I have a confession to make:  I not only own a Snuggie, I use it daily. 

Well, more like nightly.

I hate being cold.  I get all tense when I know I'm going to get cold...even before I am actually cold.  When I am up and moving around, I have no problem going straight to bed.  But, if I've had the chance to sit down and relax for a few minutes beforehand, my whole body seems to slow down rather quickly and I am soon chilly. 


On the other hand, my polar bear of a husband can sit beside me on the loveseat in shorts and a T-shirt, barefoot, and relax happily like that's the most comfy he's been all day.  Meanwhile, I'm sitting next to him in sweatpants, a sweatshirt, socks, under a blanket, and with a cup of hot tea in my hands.  Despite all that, I'm usually STILL COLD.  

Crawling into bed can be sort of bittersweet on these cold, wintry nights.  (Okay, so my cousin in Montana and my aunt in Minnesota are so rolling their eyes at me right now!!!  Just because we happen to be able to buy lettuce and almost all other awesome produce year-round...don't hate!)  I'm not really in the place in my life to feel that I need an electric blanket.  I set our thermostat at 62 degrees at night...so it basically rarely even runs but still gets pretty chilly.  Climbing into those cool, crisp sheets are not the ideal way for me to relax and fall asleep.  I've tried rubbing my feet together like a cricket, hoping to build up heat from friction...but that only wakes me up more.  I've tried hiding my icy-cold tootsies under the polar bear's warm ones.  As much as he appreciates the cooler temps,  that action doesn't get a very warm reception.  I might as well be trying to drop ice cubes down the back of his shirt! 

So, I've resorted to taking my Snuggie to bed with  me.  That's really actually the only place I wear my Snuggie anymore.  No, you won't find me sitting around the living room watching televison with my vivid blue monk's robe on like in the commercials!  I stick my arms through the sleeves, wrap the bottom end around my feet, and THEN slide them under those cold sheets.  Somehow, whatever synthetic material the Snuggie is made of almost seems to refect the heat back onto me.  Within seconds, the chill is gone and I feel like I'm in my own little oven. 

And a warm Leann is a happy Leann.  (Which also makes David happy, who has occasionally been kicked during the whole 'cricket-like feet-rubbing thing.')

Please note that I still think that Snuggies are completely ridiculous to look at.  The commercials where there are a bunch of Snuggie-draped folks sitting around the living room with their remote controls and their books and their dogs...JUST WRONG.  And the ones where they are all at some sort of public venue....EVEN MORE WRONG. 

As awesome and amazing as the Snuggie is, it could still use some improvements.  First of all, I would love for there to be actual pockets at the feet.  You know, something that I wouldn't have to keep tucking around my feet every time I move.  Also, it's not like we just sit while wearing these things.  Sometimes, my back gets cold too.  I would love for some of them to have a 'third sleeve' of sorts so we could wrap it all the way around us without having any fasteners of any sorts....you know, like a hospital gown!  If it's cold enough for a Snuggie, then it's COLD.  So why not bundle up completely? 

Are the makers of Snuggie getting all this? 


Opal said...

Been a long time since I have had time to read blogs but this one was just what I needed.

I am the cold one and I totally relate to what you are saying!

Erika B. said...

Sorry, still not getting on the snuggie bandwagon... Good try though! I have a freind who swears by the, "throw the comforter in the dryer, get in warm shower, dry off, run through hallway into warm blanket as hubby holds it out for you, dive into bed with electric blanket" method. I don't think it'll work for me though...