April 17, 2011

Time Well Wasted and Embracing Technology

It's a beautiful spring afternoon here in Rural Suburbia and I find myself planted in front of the television.  Aside from the repeated questions from my 15YO, it's been a perfectly enjoyable day. 

"Who is that?  Is that her dad?"

"Is that her son?  The one she gave birth to?"

"Who is that?"

It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't already answered those same questions just a few minutes before.

Do you have someone in your life that makes time in front of the television somewhat stressful?  David sort of does, too.  He can usually keep up with who-is-who in whatever we're watching, but he can't always keep track of what everyone is saying.  He's not yet 40, but his hearing has suffered some.  Therefore, I suffer some.  I have half a mind to just permanently use the Closed Captioning to avoid having to answer 'What did he just say?' one more time.  Then again, the more than occasional typos would probably drive me even more insane!  Either way, I can already see us as one of those elderly couples who are constantly yelling at one another even though we're not usually fighting.

So, we're watching 'The Love Saga' series on the Hallmark Channel.  Yeah, it's addicitve.  It takes place in the pioneering days when everyone headed West to homestead and worked like dogs to have a place to call their own.  Granted, no amount of hard work would afford them indoor plumbing or some decent hair care products, but it's a good storyline nonetheless.

It's so strange to think that people could lose a spouse due to a bump on the head or a pesky gunshot wound only to turn around and marry someone else before they have even had the chance to grieve.  No time to grieve when they are crops to harvest and children to rear.  Blended families were probably more common then than they are now with all the the flu epidemics and typical Wild West antics.  (Hint:  The dudes in the black cowboy hats are usually the bad guys.  Some of these folks don't seem to realize that!)  People married out of timing and convenience.   

There is something about seeing all these uber-domestic women churning their own butter and killing their own chicken dinners that makes me want to bake.  From a box.  In my oven, where I just turn a dial and push a few buttons.  You know, the way it should be.

8YO was watching the movies with me for awhile and she concluded, "It's so good to live in the future instead of the past.  The future is way better!"

Now, that's a girl after my own heart.

I'm going to sign off before this laptop battery dies so I can hug my refrigerator and embrace the techology that surrounds me.  OH...and put some Neosporin on this paper cut so it doesn't turn to gangrene and cause me to lose the whole hand!  (SO HAPPY to be kidding about that one!)


Anonymous said...

Im with you! --felicia carabajal

Kathleen said...

I was in Fresno, BRIEFLY, yesterday, and I stopped by to visit with your mom. She was also watching The Love Saga and I ABSOLUTELY got sucked into it, too! I wonder if it will be on Netflix so I can see all the episodes...