July 19, 2011

Places, everyone!

Some might say that a home with children and pets in it is very similar to a three-ring circus.  Somedays, I might even say that. 

But as much as my home and family may resemble a three-ring circus, they really don't have as much in common as one might think.  For one thing, no matter how many rings a circus might have all of those rings are organized.  They may look like chaos and there may be people and animals alike going in what seems to be every which direction.  What we don't always take into account are the countless number of hours of planning and practice and the exact precision that is required to make that show possible.  Every person has an important part to play in a successful act and others will suffer should one of them not carry out their own job. 

And there seems to be a job doing ANYTHING in the circus.  After an elephant or tiger 'leave their mark' on the circus floor, a couple of people appear out of nowhere dressed in black and promptly throw down some sawdust and sweep up whatever mess there might be.  It happens so quickly and smoothly that you'd almost think it was ever there at all. 

Of course, my 5YO notices.  That actually might be her favorite part.

The circus is also about calculated distraction.  While all eyes are to be fixed on whatever the spotlight shines on, large crews seem work tirelessly in the dark to set up the next scene or stunt.  If you let your eyes just follow the lights, the circus seems even more magical.  I myself can't help but watch the figures in the dark spots, frantically putting the next things into place before the spotlight comes back to them.

Couldn't we all use that sort of skill in life?  Perfectly timed distractions to take the spotllight off our own mishaps and bad hair days and let us prepare for our next important scene?  SIGN ME UP!

The bottom line is I don't think the sort of mayhem that ensues in most households could actually be planned out and rehearsed.  And we certainly couldn't put on the same exact show twice, which is really a good thing because the audience is usually the same.  Might as well see a new show every time!

What we do have in common is this:  No matter what might happen, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!  And I could totally use one of those background poop cleanup crews, too.

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