August 20, 2011

Is it Monday yet?

Yep.  5YO is now officially a kindergartener!  She even woke up bright and early the first day and told her sisters to, "move outta the way, because the kindergartener has to go potty!" 
Because she's that grown-up now.

8YO is loving the third grade, though she did confess after her first day that she didn't "feel like a third grader yet."  If it makes her feel any better, I don't feel like she should be a third grader either.

And then there's 15YO.  She is a sophomore now. 

*shakes head*

I definitely don't feel like I should have a tenth grader!  She's taller than me and her hand-me-down shoes no longer fit me.  I've entered that strange territory that not all mothers get to:  When their children are bigger than they are.  Seriously, I've tried to stop feeding her....but she just whines and whines and whines....

You know I'm joking, right?  I really do need someone to invent a sarcasm font.  That could clear up a great many misunderstandings on the good 'ol interwebs, dontcha think?

(Okay, so it's technically a *weekend* right now and they are home, but school started last week!)


Yeha, I'm that happy!  I would dance for you myself, but my lack of basic coordination would be sure to result in me breaking somethting I probably a limb!

I had my first experience at being at home alone with all of my offspring in school.  I must say, it was pretty great!  I am hoping, I'd better not say.  Everytime I commit to something and talk about it in this sort of forum, I don't follow through.  The only consistency in me is my INconsistency. 

I do plan to get things more organized here.  I will have more uninterrupted shopping and cleaning time.  I can actually develop some sort of schedule that can't as easily be disturbed by the mood of a smaller, yet more powerful person.  My house has the potential to not only get more clean, but to actually stay clean for up to six hours every single day. 

I can even go to my annual 'icky' appointments at the doctor without having to arrange for childcare.
(I apologize to the men for the possible visual, but the women reading this completely understand!)

I might even blog more regularly! 

But don't hold your breath, because this seems to be something that is far too easily overlooked lately.

Hmmm...maybe I'll make my own....I JUST CAN'T JINX IT BY TELLING YOU!!!

You understand, right?

I do know for sure that I plan to knit more.  I have to say that I am on the verge of being completely addicted to knitting socks.  Attending Sock Summit 2011 a few weeks ago really got me motivated to become a better sock knitter.  Because taking two years to finish one pair of socks does not a good knitter make.

In fact, I need to wrap up the dinner details and continue working on my latest sock...which is a mystery!  (It really is.  It's called a 'Mystery Sock.'  Even I don't know what I'm making yet!)

Maybe I'll post something new this week.  Gosh, I hope so!

Until you read again...

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