September 9, 2011

Veeeeery PINTERESTing...


Someone had pinned that an standard-sized Mason jar will fit into most blender bases, which in turn makes your blender a homemade version of a Magic Bullet

You know what?  They were OH-SO-CORRECT. 

I had seen the Magic Bullet advertised and, on occasion, had though it might be nice to have one sometime.  Now, I'd like to apologize in advance to the nice people at the Magic Bullet company because they will NEVER be getting any of MY money.  


I've learned a lot from my brief time at Pinterest.  Most of all, I've learned that a website where you have thousands of great ideas at your fingertips is maybe too overwhelming to actually be as helpful as it should be.  I could be there for HOURS and be so overwhelmed with all the great ideas that I may not actually apply most of these nifty ideas to my own life.  I'm starting to use it more as a reference site in order to look up specific needs, as they should arise.  And thanks to my iPhone, I have a Pinterest app at my fingertips.  I can browse those clever pictures whenever I want!  At first, I though that might be a problem for me, but it really only took me a couple of days to slow my Pinterest pace down to a speed that would not be a deterrent from my everyday life. 

And I am still finding cool new ways to do and/or make things every single day. 
(See above picture)


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