July 14, 2012

Silence, Whole House Fans, and Spooning Boxers

Listen...do you hear that?

Neither do I!  Isn't it fabulous?  David and our spawn are STILL ASLEEP.  It's a Christmas miracle!  I, on the other hand, have been wide awake since 6:00.  I opened up the windows, turned on the whole house fan, and watched my family all reach for their covers and snuggle up under them to stay warm.  In July!  There are also no complaints as I watch all the cheesy Christmas movies that the Hallmark channel has decided to run this weekend. 

Like I said, this morning has been a real Christmas miracle.

I just wonder how much longer my family can sleep...and where did the three hours go that I have had to myself?  Even with the cooler temps inside, my dogs have decided to take up every square inch of tile floor possible.  A portion of my morning has been spent navigating over and around the slumbering beasts to get to my coffee maker.  They don't flinch...even when accidentally stepped on.  I'm pretty sure the 'Dog Whisperer' would frown on this, as I'm sure I've read that the dog should always be made to move out of your way, preserving your 'Alpha Status' in the pack and whatnot.  The Dog Whisperer can suck it.  I have three boxers, which is basically the equivalent of having three human toddlers for the next ten years or so.  (But these can be legally caged and locked outside if necessary, so it's not quite as hard as having real toddlers...but still.)  Does one wake a sleeping toddler when it's not absolutely necessary? 

Hell to the NO, we don't! 

Plus, waking the beasts up and making them move out of my way would mean seeing fewer moments like this:


...and this:

Sure, they're sleeping directly in front of the fridge.  Do you really need milk for your cereal?  I didn't think so.

Also, waking them up means you get a lot of this:

Treat?  Treat?  Do you have a treat???

I guess I'm one of  'those people' now, because 16YO just looked over my should at what I am typing and said, "Wow, Mom.  Really?"

Yes, really. 

In the time it's taken me to type these few words, my spawn have all woken up...and they already have the dogs all riled up.  Silence can sometimes turn into chaos way too quickly.  Plus, all these Christmas movies are suddenly giving me a strange form of Christmas card anxiety.  I feel like I should have sent them out already.  In July!  BAH! 

Until we meet again, Sweet Silence.  Don't be such a stranger, okay?


Anonymous said...

You are the bomb.com Leann never wake the sleeping dog or kids because once they are up silence and peace are OVER!!

wildtomato said...

I cannot believe that you have 3 adult-sized boxers!!! Winter is huge!

Yeah, I'm always shocked how quiet it is when my in-laws take the dogs and the boy is asleep. It's blissful, for a moment at least.