November 26, 2013

Making Lists, Ball Point Pens, and Toenail Clippers



Thanksgiving is in just three (oh, crap!  It’s after midnight!)…so no, TWO days from now.  I have started making my list of things I would like to get done to make the day run more smoothly.  I always plan to plan ahead.  Then, I procrastinate to the point where I have to begin choosing which things I can do without getting done because there is no longer enough time to possibly do them all. 


Of course, I needed to get the updates done on my computer first. 


Why?  Because it was important to me at the time.  It was the ‘something shiny’ that caught my attention at that exact moment and…well, that’s it!  Do I need a reason?  (Yes.)  Well, I don’t have one, so that’s as good as it’s going to get.


Okay, that pesky task is out of the way now.  Imagine how much better the turkey will taste now that my computer is fully updated! 


Seriously…that sounded so much more intelligent in my head.


I grabbed a pen and a paper (which would also not work nearly as well if my computer didn’t have all of its updates) and started jotting down the things I plan to get done tomorrow.  As I’m writing down the second item on my list, I notice the pen isn’t working right.  It works when I make the test scribbles on the top of the paper, but not when I try to write down the actual words I need to write down.


How do ball point pens know to do that?


I think I’d better add ‘Toss out old pens’ to my list. If I had a working pen, I totally would!  It’s not as if we don’t have any working pens in this house.  I’m sure there are probably hundreds of them around here somewhere.  However, they seem to stay hidden in the same place with all the toenail clippers and the tape measurers we’ve ever bought.


Honestly, where in the hell do those things go?  How many pairs of toenail clippers have your purchased in your lifetime?  How many can you find right now?  See?


I think it’s time to call it a night.  I find the process of making lists simply exhausting. Tonight, it just wasn’t meant to be.  Let’s just hope that the few things I wanted to write down will still be in my head first thing tomorrow morning. 


Well, okay…I at least hope to see them again after I’ve had my first cup of coffee!


In closing, here is a picture of 7YO (when she was FOUR) taking a selfie. 




She even has ‘the look’ down, doesn’t she?  I can already see her a few years down the road posting an Instagram pic (or whatever app the whipper-snappers are into by then!) after spending two hours between makeup, hair, and editing only to write,

#nofilter  #nomakeup


Don’t you just love social media?  Everyone can be exactly who they really are.

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