June 25, 2009

Deflated Dogs, Crookneck Squash, and Allergy Meds

Aly is growing...STILL! It's going to get old saying that, but I'm still in constant amazement as to how big she'll get. I mean, I KNOW how big she could get, but seeing it happen before my eyes is still kind of cool. She's longer and lankier than ever. When she lies on the couch, she almost looks deflated!
OH....and there's a crookneck squash from the garden! When she's asleep, you can put almost everything on her. She sleeps like a ROCK! And when she plays, nothing gets in her way.
I get to take her tomorrow for her final shot and her rabies vaccination as well. Now that she's four months old, I also need to think about getting her fixed. It doesn't seem like she's old enough, but that's around the next corner. Pretty soon, we'll have a full-grown boxer that still thinks she's a puppy. She's already tall enough to snatch things off the kitchen table, yet she's not old enough (or smart enough) to understand how angry that makes us. We now have a 'NO FOOD AT THE TABLE IF YOU'RE NOT SITTING IN FRONT OF IT' rule.
I bought a 'clicker trainer' at the store yesterday. Here's hoping it works before she gets tall enough to reach things on the kitchen counter. It has to...we're running out of surfaces!
I have to run to whatever radiology place that's close...and that takes my insurance...to get the sinus x-ray I forgot to get yesterday when I was actually there. DOH! There's an infection, but it's the second one in a little more than a month (or the very same one!) and they want to get a better look at it. THAT is what is aggravating my stupid asthma! That is what makes me wake up with a headache when I HAVEN'T been to a bangin' party. (Yes. I said 'BANGIN.' I don't know what got into me. I'll try not to let it happen again.) These new allergy meds are making me a little odd-feeling. FOSHIZZLE!!!
Oh yeah...it's definitely the new meds!

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Anonymous said...

Your dog is adorable (and does look deflated)! Good luck on clicker training.