June 23, 2009

This place has gone to the dogs!

Aly is growing like a weed. Well, like an awkward, skinny weed that's all legs!
We had company this morning.

Well, not really COMPANY company...David was diagnosed with sleep apnea and the guy from the medical supply place delivered his CPAP machine. We had to learn how to turn it on and off, how to take it apart, how to clean it, etc. This one even has a little computer in it that contains an SD card. When he goes to the doctor, he'll take the card out and bring it to the doctor with him. The doctor will be able to track his breathing patterns and how long he wore the mask and for how often. Surprisingly, the machine is really quiet. I know some of the older ones are loud and take up a bunch of space. This thing is tiny, comes with its own carrying case, and you barely hear anything when it's on his face.

Then again, if his snoring didn't keep me awake, I wasn't really all that concerned about how loud the machine was!

So, he's getting setup for a CPAP machine and I couldn't wait for the guy to leave so I could grab a bowl of my high fiber cereal.


Meanwhile, my asthma is still what they would consider to be 'out of control.' I have to use my inhaler several times a day and I don't get much relief. I've recently discovered that my allergy to sulfur might make my inhaler not work so well. I know I can't eat dried fruit that's been treated with sulfur, it triggers an almost instant asthma attack. I was just told that there might be a connection between that reaction and why my inhaler doesn't seem to be working very well. I have an appointment tomorrow with scary little P.A. and I'll find out more about this. I just seem to be using my inhaler more and more and feeling worse and worse. Unless I'm doing something else that's aggravating the asthma, it's gotta be the inhaler right?
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Okay, so I must conclude this 'whinefest' of mine. Look for me on a commercial for something high in fiber (and not the fun kind you make yarn out of, either!) or some sort of pain reliever. It seems those kinds of things are almost all I've talked about recently!
Have a great day!

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