July 29, 2009

Just think of all the BRAS that could dry on this thing!

In an effort to live another few years or so, David and I finally broke down and bought an elliptical machine. Isn't she purdy?
Seriously, David talked to someone who has already had open heart surgery, still has a lot of problems, and basically describes himself as living on borrowed time. That scared the crap out of David. He is much more motivated by fear than I am. The first time his triglycerides were over 400, he followed every doctor's order to the letter....at first. (His triglycerides aren't supposed to be over 150, so 429 sort of made him like a walking time bomb!)
I've had a few minor issues with cholesterol, but nothing to write hom to mom about. I take fish oil and try to avoid trans fats and junk like that. If only bacon didn't taste even better when it's DEEP FRIED! I am a very sedentary person by nature, though. I really need to get in some sort of shape...besides ROUND! Now that my asthma seems to be under control and the sinus infection from hell is finally gone, I feel it's time to jump back on that horse and try to get in shape.
The guy at the shop where we bought this thing had a really interesting theory: "I don't care about dying, I just don't want to be fat!" Alrighty then.
We got our elliptical on Saturday. Since then, I've been on it for at least 30 minutes every single day. My heart rate would be crazy-high at first, but has already somewhat adjusted to the new demands I'm putting on it. This elliptical has one of those chest straps that wirelessly monitors your heart rate the entire time. SO COOL!
I always start strong when it comes to a new healthy habit or routine. It's the long-term stuff that I have trouble with. I'm hoping I can make this a regular part of my day, even though I feel the need to fight any form of routine and most of the 'have to's' so many days.
I'm my own worst enemy, I'm afriad.
For now, I will always try to squeeze in 30 minutes a day. I've spent more time than that trying to get my Farm Town farm to load up on Facebook! (Don't judge me.) I do seem to have more energy and I'm sweating like a...I don't know what I'm sweating like. I manage to stay still enough most days so that I never have to know about the whole 'sweating thing.' Seriously, I'm as lazy as they come, I'm afraid!
Well, the longer I type, the longer it will take for me to get ready to conquer that elliptical. And my day goes so much more smoothly once that's behind me.
Soon enough, I'm sure this thing will be tucked into a corner with laundry hanging off it. Isn't that what home exercise equipment is ultimately for?

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C. Beth said...

Great post...and great title!

I saw the title on the list of blogs under the BlogHer ad on my blog, and of course I had to read it!

It is so hard to stay consistent with exercise! I just got EA Sports Active for my Wii, and it gives a surprisingly great workout. Just ask my legs, which were KILLING me for the first few days after starting it. But I'm already finding myself less motivated to use it, and I've only had it a week and a half. I just need to remember how great I feel when I'm working out consistently....

Good luck!