December 7, 2009


I must say that we've been pretty lucky around here. Health-wise, anyway. That being said, we have not fully escaped the cooties. Thanksgiving week was full of fevers and coughing and those preschool-type sneezes that shoot snot out of both nostrils at once and make your child look like they have walrus tusks. I guess we've had our share.
So many people that I know have been affected by H1N1. I've known a few that know for sure they've had it. Others just assumed. I've heard it described as the worst flu you've ever had...times TEN. OUCH.
My worst problems this time of year have to do with headaches. Cramming more planning and shopping and stressing messes up my eating and sleeping routines even more than ordinary life can. When my eating and sleeping schedules are messed up, I am much more susceptible to migraine headaches. Ironically, migraine headaches mess up my eating and sleeping regimens even more.
Do you see a downward spiral forming here?
Plus, today's weather seems to have brought on a sinus headache of some sort. I just want to squeeze my eyes shut tight and wait for it to pass...but that might pop the invisible balloon I have behind my eyes and my brain could fall out.
Ever feel like that?
Really, it's enough to make you want to say, "BAH HUMBUG!" Then, I turn the lights on on my Christmas tree and put something 'Christmas-sy' on the televsion or stereo and things seem more managable. I just need to grab another cup of coffee and take a few more ibuprofen and I can be back on top of things again. The weather outside really is 'frightful' today. It's dark and gloomy and cold and rainy and windy. I just crank up the heated a big higher and focus on the sparkly lights shining on my tree. I've only put a few wrapped presents under the tree and none of them have names on them. That's really just my way of having fun with my family. (Okay, so I'm TORTURING THEM.) 3YO is not entirely clear on why we can't open the presents NOW. She'll get over that. (I hope.) Last year was too long ago for her to remember any of the specifics on how we do things at Christmas.
6YO actually wants a guitar for Christmas. Since I would love for her to find an instrument she loves to play, it sounds like a good idea to me. Only, this does mean that I have a lot of research to do! AACK!
Well, with the last load of laundry in the dryer, I think it's time to pop in a movie and grab a blanket. I have a bit of time before I need to get ready to pick up the girls from school and lying on the couch on a day like this (if only for a couple of hours) sounds just perfect.

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