February 11, 2010

Cynicism and the People Who Like It

I'm in a bit of a cynical mood today yet am oddly amused by my own evil thoughts.
Have you ever had someone that just bugged the crap out of you, even though you have no rational explanation as to why? Is it just me and my twisted little mind? Every time you see them or even hear their name you just want to roll your eyes and make a little 'gaggy' face...even if it's inside your own head? You have no concrete explanation for such hatred, yet this person just gets under your skin?
Ladies and gentleman, that's how I feel about Celine Dion.
I don't even know why. I can't put my finger on it, but she just bugs me! I have no reason that I can actually put my finger on....but she stil makes me growl.
After Celine Dion was no longer on my television this morning, I was already on a roll. Since it's just me and my 4YO here, I'm having to stick to entertaining myself with my bitter, petty comments. And I'm finding myself to be very funny...
I really need to get out more.
On the plus side, I have been exercising regularly for the past two weeks. I. FEEL. GREAT. My love/hate relationship with the elliptical is turning into one of mostly love. Remember when I got that silly thing?
I can proudly say that no laundry has been dried on this elliptical...YET. It has collected some dust due to its bouts of neglect, but that's to be expected around here! I've since discovered the Sprint 8 program, which is only 20 minutes and KICKS MY BUTT. (Hopefully, it will kick it in the direction of SMALLER, but only time will tell.)
Well, 4YO is watching GMA and doing her darndest to sing along with Selena Gomez, even though I'm pretty sure she hasn't actually heard this song before. I've even allowed her to paint her own nails AGAIN. She's actually pretty good and I make her sit on the tiled kitchen floor when she wants to do it herself and she's actually rather good.
I hate to say it, but I think my amusingly cynical outlook is beginning to fade. All this talk about blizzards and snow in other parts of the country got me to look out my window. Bright, shiny skies and green grass are all around me. Phil the groundhog doesn't really know what he's talking about; it feels like spring is showing signs of an early arrival around these parts.
Have a great day!

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Laura said...

You totally make me laugh. Thanks :)