March 23, 2010

"Mommy, it STINKS in here!"

4YO on third base at her very first scrimmage this season

Don't you just love how honest kids can be?

We had a rough weekend in our house. Well, mostly 7YO had a rough weekend! I had to take 14YO to a school function Saturday morning and David opted to stay home with the younger two. Our weeks have been so busy that it just seemed wrong to drag them out of bed even one more day. When 14YO and I left that morning, both girls had crawled into bed with David and were happily watching cartoons. (Okay, so he was probably enjoying it too!)

I honestly wouldn't have been the least bit surprised if they were still in bed when we got home early that afternoon. When we drove up, David and 4YO were doing yard work and 7YO was nowhere to be seen. It turns out that she was still back in my bed, lying on my side and watching cartoons. She'd been there ALL DAY!

She felt a bit warm, but she was still wearing flannel pajamas and covered in all the blankets on my bed. 4YO was outside in a little skirted bodysuit because it was so warm that day. I checked on 7YO a few minutes later and she was sleeping. AGAIN. After she dozed awhile, she got out from under the covers and migrated to the living room. She had a fever and her body ached and her stomach hurt. Actually, she'd been having intermittent stomach aches for the past month or so but the never seemed to be that uncomfortable and there was seemingly no rhyme or reason for them. After one dose of ibuprofen, some saltine crackers and a good night's rest, she was better. The fever never came back, but some other wonderful 'tummy issues' made their appearance. She started out fine, but spent the better half of late Sunday in the bathroom.

I kept her home yesterday and decided to take both 7YO and 4YO to the doctor. 4YO almost always has a cough and I wanted to have it checked out. It turns out that she has allergies and that's why her cough wasn't going away. Plus, she had a sinus infection! DOH! She is so excited that she *gets* to take medicine now! (My kids are strange, I know!)

7YO definitely had a stomach bug of some sort and was almost completely better. No fever since Saturday night and no 'stomach issues' since early Monday morning meant her little tush was back in school today! It turns out that she also has acid reflux, which totally explains the intermittent stomach pains. UGH! We have to eat dinner earlier now and 7YO has a serious 'Sunny D habit' that she has to kick as well. I bought her two different flavors of Tums and she was repulsed by both of them. The doctor recommended Prevacid but wants us to start out with Tums....which she HATES.

Let the good times begin!

After leaving the doctor's office, we made a stop at a local health food store. I wanted to get some dairy-free, junk-free snacks to ease her tummy until we knew she was completely over the virus.

"Mommy, it STINKS in here!" The girls didn't beat around the bush the moment we entered the store.

I've always thought that, too. I can't stand going into Trader Joe's or any other place like that because it smells more like a feed store. It smells like the kind of food that we feed to food! I used to work in a string of pet stores and it smells more like bird or small animal food to me! We picked up a few snacks that 7YO can eat. Meals won't be so hard to adjust but 7YO loves to snack and graze most of the day. I bought some soy milk to eat with her cereal and stocked up on her favorite flavor of instant oatmeal. (She ate three bowls of oatmeal this morning!)

Even though I was buying SNACKS that they might otherwise love, they kept saying, "Can we go now? It smells really bad in here." SPEAKING. AT. FULL. VOLUME.

We'll work on etiquitte another day.

For now, 4YO is trying her darndest to dance to Hannah Montana songs while Aly insists on chewing on her new toy smack dab in the middle of the room that 4YO is trying to dance in.

I can't wait to see who wins this one!

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