April 1, 2010

Clown Makeup, Spoiled Milk, Old Movies, Knitting, and Antisocial Tendencies

It's April Fool's Day. Did you know that? And the TWO SOCKS you see in the above picture? NO JOKE! I actually KNITTED THEM! (Well, the one on the right is not done, but the only part left is some mindless Knit 2, Purl 2 ribbing that a monkey could do...so I guess I'll be able to finish it just the same...)

I don't think that I'll have anyone pull any pranks on me today. (That is, I HOPE they don't!) You see, I make myself more of a fool than anyone else ever could. So, I'm hoping they just spare me.

Allow me to explain.

I was in a hurry the other day (okay when am I NOT in a hurry?) and had to run through Target really quickly. I had bought some new Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Shimmer stuff because I love that it gives my lips a little color without making it feel like actual lipstick, but I hadn't used it yet. It was a shade I hadn't tried before but it didn't seem too different than the shade I had used previously. While in line to checkout at Target, I realized that my lips felt a little dry. I pulled out the lip balm and applied it right there. I was next in line and was out in a matter of minutes. While in line and on my way out to the parking lot, I noticed more eye contact and smiles than usual. Nothing too obvious, I just thought I was passing strangers who were friendlier than usual!

As I put my purchases in the back and climbed into the driver's seat, I glanced up at the mirror in my visor.


I must have applied it like normal chapstick and not realized that this was much darker than the one I used to have! When I think back, the way people looked and smiled at me was probably a lot like the way I would look and smile at the elderly woman who used to come into one of the pet stores I worked at. This woman obviously didn't see as well as she once did and clearly still did her own makeup. The term 'coloring outside the lines' didn't even come close to what this woman did with her darkly colored eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. Nobody dared tell her what it really looked like because she looked like she carried herself with such confidence. And who wants to shatter the confidence of someone like that? So, most people just smiled and nodded as usual, myself included.

I've really been on a roll this week, too! I stopped by this little local market to pay almost three times the price for a gallon of milk because it was pretty much all we really needed and it was close by. I also picked up a few things for dinner that we could just toss in the oven when we got home. It was getting late and the girls were getting a bit whiney and obnoxious, so we grabbed our stuff and hurried into the house. I even remember sending 14YO out to the car to grab two more things I'd forgotten to grab the first time.

The next morning, David was up and getting ready for work. He mentioned that he hadn't eaten yet and didn't want to have his usual cereal because we were so low on milk.

"But, there's a whole new gallon in there. I bought it last night!"

He opened the fridge to reveal that the gallon that I speak of is nowhere to be found.

*slaps forehead*

That was an 'OH CRAP' moment for me, you know? I'd forgotten the milk the first time and 14YO had missed it the second time she went out. It's not so cold here these days, even at night. That milk had been in there more than twelve hours and was not cold enough. UGH! I just spent five dollars on a gallon of milk just to pour it down the drain!

*slaps forehead again*

I just don't think my brain functions properly at times...

I did manage to turn the heel of my SECOND SOCK yesterday, though! (See above picture) That was huge for me. 14YO was with Grandma and 7YO and 4YO were playing nicely in their room for most of the day. It was the perfect opportunity to plop my rear end on the couch with my knitting and phone beside me and surf through my instant queue on Netflix. I went back in time a bit, watching movies from my childhood. First up was 'The Boy Who Could Fly.' Anyone remember that one? Classic. Next up was an even older movie, and from my understanding they are remaking it: Ice Castles. Talk about a tear-jerker! That movie was made in 1978! I cannot remember the last time I had seen that movie, but I cleary recall the last scene: "We forgot about the flowers."


Gets to me everytime...

They were the perfect thing to watch while I turned the heel of that sock, too. Unfortunately, those movies put me in a sort of moody, weepy, wanting-to-crawl-under-a-blanket-and-inside-my-own-head-and-stay-awhile kind of mindset. I had a few errands to run after that with the 4YO and 7YO and I really just wanted to stay inside my own head a bit longer and mope. No such luck. I got over it before we got back home. I always do.

Anyhow, this is the longest stretch I've been in front of my computer in a long time and nothing else is getting done, so I must correct that.

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