April 14, 2010

At least she gave me fair warning...

The girls got this little 'Today Is...' wall hanging from their great grandma. It hangs in their room and I try to encourage them (when I remember) to keep it up-to-date. This morning I actually did remember to have 7YO change it as she was getting dressed for school. Notice how they are all squished together and not lined up properly so she can have two moods displayed?
The child is not a morning person!
The weather is especially 'spring-ish' right now and my allergies are in full bloom. I am on three different prescriptions now that seem to be keeping them under control. I really hope this doesn't last long!
We've made an extrodinary discovery around our house recently. Something this huge and awesome could really make us rich and famous and all that jazz. (Okay, maybe not. If it were so, there's no way I would post it on a public forum like THE INTERNET.) Wanna know what this new discovery is?
It is possible that the best hair conditioner in the world could probably contain dog saliva. More specifically, boxer saliva. Aly's favorite thing to do is to chew on the head and neck of our beloved kitty, Snickers. Snickers is almost always wet around the neck and on the top of his head. The poor cat smells like dog breath! But, when the opportunity arises for Snickers' head and neck to actually DRY, that fur is perhaps the softest fur that I have ever felt. (Okay, so maybe it's not as soft as a chinchilla, but that would be the only exception I can think of!) Yes, he still smells like dog breath when dry, but that portion of fur is so soft and shiny now.
Okay, I would love to know how one would go about collecting said dog saliva to make this kick-ass conditioner that I am imagining. I can tell you one thing: This is not a job position you would see me applying for!
Anyhow, softball season is in full swing and time's a wastin'.
Have a great day!
(Or, at least a better one than my 7YO planned to have today!)


Laura said...

I dare you. Make conditioner out of Aly's saliva. It would be truly the most hilarious thing ever. A woman who makes her own laundry soap can't be scared of by something like this, c'mon!!

Leann I Am said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I would really just have to figure out how to fix the SMELL. Then again, we sacrifice comfort and a lot of money for style. We're even willing to look stupid for the sake of fashion. Would someone be willing to have stinky hair in exchange for also having the softest hair EVER?

skl said...

you know Leann, I am sure there is some kind of additive you could find that would mask the dog breath smell, while retaining the silky smooth outcome from Ali saliva!