April 28, 2010

Dear Jillian Michaels...

The first thing I want to do is to thank you for pointing out that women who have given birth are 'damaged' and it's something you would never want to put your own body through. While I agree that adoption is a fantastic thing and so many children truly deserve the loving family that they may not have been born with, I believe (HOPE) that you may have misspoken.

Sure, anyone who has given birth will complain or joke about the things that are now different about their bodies. Simple things like jumping on a trampoline or coughing or sneezing without preparing oneself could result in...we'll just call it 'more laundry to do!' Ankles swell, purple lines appear and make your legs look more like a topographic map than a set of limbs, and stretch marks...well, I'm sure you've seen your share of those in your line of work.

I know you SAY that it's about being healthy, but I can't help but think that you still have very little respect for the chubby 12-year-old that is your inner child. You never want to go back there again. I get it. Who would really CHOOSE to be overweight, right? So, even though most of us don't stand a chance in hell of getting our 'good' bodies back after having children no matter how proper or diet and exercise regimen may be, living as good examples with healthy habits and loving and accepting ourselves with all of our flaws seems a little too good to be true, doesn't it? Well unfortunately, it's all getting to be more difficult by the minute with the barrage of ignorant comments like yours.

You are not helping people, Ms. Michaels. You are making us feel 'less than' for not looking like you.

Silly me, thinking that you could be such a great example for women by getting pregnant, gaining weight, and showing the world how to do it all the 'right way.' I must be so naive to think that you of all people would have the self control to do that and not regress to be that chunky little girl inside of you that you apparently fear and loathe.

Perhaps you should maybe talk to someone about this, Jillian. It really doesn't sound healthy.

Or, maybe you're right. Maybe those three children who once lived inside of me were not worth all the stretch marks, spider veins, and lack of bladder control that may very well plague me for the rest of my life. And how must this make women who would do anything to experience pregancy but cannot feel? Their dream is your nightmare, right?

I have to say that I enjoy watching 'The Biggest Loser' most days, though I roll my eyes and grind my teeth when you are screaming at a contestant for not 'trying hard enough.' Break them down to build them up, right? I can't help but think that many of them will have some cracks of inadequacy in their 'foundation' with your methods, but only time will tell. But I must say that my favorite episode of yours wasn't even an episode of 'The Biggest Loser.' It was an episode of 'The Dog Whisperer.' To see that small dog have absolutely no fear and respect for you and make you feel helpless...now, there was an interesting turn of events! It was nice to see the human side of Jillian Michaels instead of the screaming, swearing drill sargent that you (or your show's editors) usually choose for us to see.

Once again, I want to clarify that I think adoption is a beautiful thing. You certainly do not have to actually give birth to be a true mother. But anything can be misunderstood or tainted if done for the wrong reasons. Talking about adopting for the sake of vanity? Not so pretty. You might want to run some of those words through your head before you spew them onto the pages of a popular magazine about women.

After all, we might get the wrong idea about you.

Just Another Damaged Woman


skl said...

holy crap she actually said that! Hell, I love my 2 kids, and I really don't like that 3 years later I still look about 6-7 months pregnant thanks to poor posture, huge babies and not so great eating habits, but I would not trade that for anything!!

Mimi said...

All I can say is WOW!! That is terrible and I know too many people out there who cant have kids that this would just piss off!! Plus I know I look like crap but my kids were DEFINITELY worth it!!

Anonymous said...

shes crazy!.. plain and simple..have you really watched this show? go to la.. normal everyday people.. omg!..its awful to be treated this way by these awful ignorant down right mean and nasty people..come on.. heard ya the firsty time and do remeber none of us are perfect.. i know u think u are ms jillian but good heavens give my 149 lb ass a break!.. and to blame my 149 lb ass on my beautiful daughters.. may you live yourself in shame and grief..

Cali Mom said...

Wow, you did not pull any punches Leann, lol! Good for you. I wasn't in shape before my son was born and I'm still not. But choosing not to have him because I might damage my body? Please.

He's the best thing in my life. Fulfilled is more the feeling he has brought me than anything else.

We all lose the battle of the body eventually. Why fight a losing battle?

ewestcott52 said...

WOO-HOO, Leann!!!
Thank you so much for speaking for all of us damaged but happy mothers!