April 19, 2010

Redneck Suburbans, Exploding Hearts, and Burlap Sacks

One fine Sunday afternoon, David had a brilliant idea...

...to connect the tandem bike to a trailer bike and THEN hook a bike trailer to the back of that.

The whole idea of it made me a bit uneasy, but at least they were wearing helmets right?

And thus, the 'Redneck Suburban' was born!
I opted to not ride with them...I'm sure I would have been the reason they would tip over! (Nobody tipped over and everyone had a great time, BTW!) Knowing that I could have gotten exercise with them but was not, I was actually motivated to hop on the elliptical last night and I DIDN'T DIE. The longer I put it off, the harder it seems like it will be. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be! The weight I'd lost is starting to creep its way back onto my butt and thighs, so I must do something. Besides, I just figured out how yummy it is to mix a handful of Chocolate Cheerios with a small bag of Chex Mix and eat a Red Vine every couple of mouthfuls. Pure heaven.
Gee....why do you suppose I'm gaining weight???
I'm just a spoiled, lazy glutton...THAT'S WHY!!! I'd also noticed that the lack of exercise over the past month or so has caused my energy levels to decrease quite noticably. I just always felt a little, oh I don't know...BLEH! Feeling like that makes me crave crappy food....and so the downward spiral begins!
I'm going to try to take 20 minutes out of my day to hop on the elliptical and make my heart want to burst out of my chest. (That sounds pretty reasonable, right?) I need to track my food on Sparkpeople again, too. That really works...but not if you don't log on! But the weather is finally warming up and I'm finding that I want to cover up a little more each day. Think I could bring the burlap sack back in style? (Okay, so maybe it never really WAS actually in style...and it sounds kind of itchy!)
Have a great day!


wildtomato said...

Everyone's wearing a helmet except for the head redneck! Dude, tell that man to put a helmet on - head injuries are scary!

This is just as funny as you told me it would be. Could you imagine doing this in my hood? "And there they go, down the hill never to return..."

Shannon said...

oh my gosh that is too funny! I think it would have killed me to try and pull all that! But it's one way to get all the kids out in the sunshine!

thankfully Mr Man is quite good at riding in pace with me, so I plunk the girl into the bike wagon and off we go!

Laura said...

I love your redneck suburban. :)

Mimi said...

That is soooooo great I needed that laugh.

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