August 27, 2010

Why did we try so hard to get them to speak?

7YO is very shy. Anyone that knows her outside of the home knows that she is quiet and serious most of the time. She has her silly moments, just like any little girl. But, she is ALL BUSINESS in the classroom or any situation where she has a 'job' to do. (I still must stress to you she is like this outside the home, because at home she has quite the little mind of her own and the 'have to's' become a constant struggle.)
Overall, she's normal.
So far, her teachers have wondered if she was okay at the beginning of each school year because she's so quiet and serious. Not only does she not say much, but she gets this furrowed little brow thing going on, making a crease between her eyebrows that looks almost painful. She got that trait honestly, as my husband does the same thing. If he's thinking about something or really studying something, he looks ANGRY because his eyebrows do the same thing.
After the first couple of days of school, I stopped by the classroom to talk with 7YO's teacher. Her only concern was that 7YO wasn't happy, sitting in class with an almost pained look on her face and all. I had forgotten to warn her about that. I reassured the teacher that she was fine and that her dad makes the exact same face when he's serious.
After a few more days, her teacher started noticing her raising her hand and volunteering answers during class. Things were progressing as they should.
So, I stopped by her class yesterday while picking up 7YO to ask a question about some work that needed to be done. Before long, all three girls were in the class with me and we were chatting with her teacher. She was 14YO's 3rd grade teacher, so they were catching up as well.
Out of nowhere, 7YO says to her teacher, "I keep a stick under my bed in case a strange man comes in my room at night."
It became quiet for a moment. Then, her teacher nervously chuckled and said, "Does that happen often?"
"No, it hasn't happened. But I have my stick...just in case."
Sometimes, I think kids are easier to deal with when they are painfully shy...


wildtomato said...

Oh my. Strange man coming in to her room at night? Where did she get that from, an after school special?

Leann I Am said...

NO CLUE. And why she would tell this to her TEACHER on the THIRD WEEK OF SCHOOL??? She barely speaks, then opens her mouth to say things like THAT???

*shakes head*

Laura said...

I love the teacher's response as well :)

We got called in to a very serious meeting with the principal and the kindergarten teacher when my oldest was starting school...they were checking us out for abuse because (drumroll) my daughter had crumpled her artwork and told the teacher her parents would be mad at her for not doing a good picture.

Leann I Am said...

HAHAHA!!! Laura, that's FUNNY! Looking at my 7YO in class, I can totally see how someone might think she's abused. She's almost withdrawn she's so serious...but a lot of kids are just born the way they are going to be.

Then they learn to speak and try to incriminate us anyway!