November 9, 2010

PBS Fixations

You know how kids seem to become fixated on a certain thing, be it a television show or toy? 

Well, 4YO has recently become fixated on the show 'Calliou.' 

Sure, the kid whines a LOT.  (Or maybe that's just his voice...don't really know for sure!)  Either way, the sound of his little voice grates on my nerves just the same.  I do find it a little creepy that in the scenes where they are playing in the water that none of the males have nipples or any sort of human-like trait.  Plus, his parents are always in a good mood!  So, Calliou lives in a world where whining is not a bad thing, his parents never lose their cool, and nobody has nipples?

I'm actually not sure which one of those things is the hardest to wrap my head around.

I mean, I guess it could be worse.  There are a lot of other things she could want to watch over and over that wouldn't be so nice.  I guess you could say that Calliou is better for her than, say...Desperate Housewives right?  I mean, it certainly doesn't bring her the same educational content as Jersey Shore would...but we'll manage just the same. 

I was in the my room making my bed yesterday while 4YO was in the shower singing the theme song for Calliou.  That was pretty cute.  That song is super-catchy and I often find myself singing it without even realize.  That could get me into trouble one day.  I mean, I don't really want to be caught skipping through Target singing, "I'm just a kid who's four, each day I learn some more..."

Can you see how that might grab the attention of passers-by?

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Laura said...

ha ha ha. You have a way with words, girl!