February 2, 2008

UFO Sightings

...or, at least, trying to spot them! This is their doctor trying to get that thing out of her ear.
She couldn't get it out.
She sent us to an ear, nose and throat doctor.
He couldn't get it out, either!
So, we spent a total of four hours in two different doctor's offices and my daughter still has a UFO (Unidentified Foreign Object) in her ear. We now have to take her to the hospital at 6:00 on Monday morning so they can put her under GENERAL ANESTHESIA to pull the thing out of her ear.
So, she goes under the tweezers bright and early Monday morning. I can only hope that if she did do this on purpose that she'll have learned her lesson the first time!
I have a more descriptive version of this story on my other blog....


Jessie said...

My money is on foil, or some kind of wrapping, like a metallic gum wrapper or something.

REENblack said...

The expression on her face is priceless!!! I can't believe two docs couldn't get it out!!!

SJSFalter+ said...

That is crazy! I cant believe its that lodged in there and I hope when it does come out its worth millions. Okay maybe not.

I would never drop this one. Heck I refuse to drop the bird seed in S's ear and if he asks me why Im looking in his ear I always say "Just making sure you didnt put more bird seed in there". He hates it but he may have just learned his lesson. Knock on wood.