January 31, 2008


You see, the thing is....that we still do not KNOW what the THING IS!!!
Yup! It's still in there and the only irritation she feels is from US. I have wacky new theories all the time about how to coax that thing out. The thing that WILL NOT MOVE. Yeah, that thing. From what we can see, it appears to be round in shape. David thinks it's a ball-bearing.
But where in the hell could she have gotten a ball-bearing???
When I am not pestering 5YO with new, creative ways to get the foreign object in question out of her ear, I'm trying to perfect the lighting and focus on my camera to be able to take pictures of it! I want the world to see what I see. More importantly, I want 5YO to see what I see, because she says there's nothing in there!!!
Could it be a rhinestone? A ball-bearing? A Barbie shoe? (I'm only saying that one because she saw that commercial where the little boy had the Barbie shoe stuck in his ear! It is certainly not a Barbie shoe!) What if it's a winning lottery ticket? Or the secret to world peace? Or....
Whatever it may be, that thing won't budge. I've used a bulb syringe to try to suction it out. We've even used a telescopic magnet! David was in the thinking that if it were a ball-bearing then a magnet would grab it easily. NOPE.
I'm hoping to have some news soon. I don't want to have to take her back into the doctor to be removed, but it looks like it's coming down to that. That olive oil just ain't cuttin' it!


wildtomato said...

Ack! I want to use a bobby pin to scrape it out! I can't even look at that thing without getting twitchy. WHAT IS IT?????

Jessie said...

Is it magnetic?

REENblack said...

lol I read the previous post the other day, but didn't have time to comment. Although my kids haven't put things in their ears, my daughter gets large amounts of wax in ONE of her ears.

Could it be a little bead (like for making necklaces)? Or an accessory to her toys -- I know my daughter has TONS of tiny things floating around her room. I am very curious to know what it is!!!