January 29, 2008


Man, I really wish I knew how to use the manual settings on my camera better so I could get a picture of this thing!

I've joked for awhile now that having a baby doesn't necessarily make you feel like a mom. Not that you aren't a mom when you have a baby, just that there are some other things that take place in your life that really make you feel like you're part of the 'club.'

For instance, when your day involves yelling,


...then you're part of the club!

Or, when you hear a child yell, "Mooo-ooooom" in a store and you try to respond to them, even though you know your own kids aren't even with you.

That makes you really feel like a mom!

When someone mistakenly leaves their child in the car all day, killing them, and you're torn between wanting to hug them and shake them....then you're definitely one of 'us!'

Now, you don't actually have to have a baby to be a part of the club. But, you're not really one of 'us' until you have threatened to change your name (from 'Mom') to something you do not plan to reveal to them in order to catch some peace, if only for a moment.

Well, yesterday has been a monumental day in my career as a mom, because my 5YO has something in her ear. While she doesn't actually remember putting anything in her ear (or at the least not fessing up about it!) there is definitely something in there! It's shiny and metallic and not actually hurting anything right now. The doctor recommended a couple of drops of olive oil in that ear a couple of times a day. We're hoping that the mystery object in question will just work its way out with the oil. At least, that's what we're hoping. If it doesn't come out in a few days, I'll take her back in and the doctor will take it out. She didn't want to cause any discomfort yesterday because her other ear is terribly infected and the ear drum could rupture at any moment. She's not in nearly as much pain today and didn't really act like she had the horrible infection plaguing her to begin with, but my kid's weird that way. The only other ear infection (that we've known about, anyway!) wasn't detected until her ear drum actually did rupture. No fever, no fussiness, no sensitivity to pressure or suction....just a bunch of goo filling her ear. It was the strangest thing we'd ever seen. So, when she couldn't sleep the other night because her ear was "bothering" her, I knew I had to take her in.

Well, besides the infection in one ear and the foreign object in the other, 5YO's doing pretty well. I'm on constant 'ear watch' to make sure one doesn't rupture but something does, in fact, come out of the other one. I just tried to coax it out with a bulb syringe, but it wasn't ready to come out yet! I plan to take her back in Thursday if I can't get it out at home. The more I look at it (which is a lot!) the more I wonder if it's a rhinestone from one of her shirts. I mentioned it today on my other blog and someone mentioned something about that in the comments. She had a friend whose daugther had a sequin in her ear that had come off one of her shirts as she pulled it over her head. I can't think of any tops (off the top of my head, anyway!) that she owns with sequins on them, but she does have a few things with rhinestones on them.

Hmmmm.....I will keep the world posted as to what comes out of my daughter's ear. I know you guys are just on the edge of your seat with anticipation....


wildtomato said...

Why don't consumers know about the dangers of rhinestones on shirts? I'm sure Bedazzler is funding the cover up!

Jessie said...

So..she either put something in there, or a jewel from her shirt went in? Id have to think that maybe she pulled something off of the shirt and put it in, not that it came off while she slept.

I had a ball of glue stuck in my ear for like six years. Nobody believed me, but I did, and I kept telling them and then one day I took a sewing needle and carefully jabbed it and pulled it out and they were all amazed.

SJSFalter+ said...

Oh the joy of things in the ear. There was a point where S had bird seed literally growing in his year. I know that sounds horrible but at his preschool they had a sand table full of the darn stuff and either he put it in his ears constantly or someone else (both of these options were told to me daily). I was going mad washing bird seed out of his ears every night. The doctor found it funny and said there was nothing to worry about, it would come out. The day I took him in he further commented on how clean his ears seemed to be. Well gee I was washing them with a bulb thing every night they should be freaking squeeking. I am now the mom that is constantly checking my sons ears and sometimes I even finding myself checking my husbands. Ive lost it I tell you.