January 16, 2008

Three Days In A Row??? What gives?

But I promise you, there's no way I can continue at this rate!
I'm taking the lazy way today, however, and sharing with you some toddler birthday trauma...

...and then, two weeks later...

Was it just the pressure of the holidays that made her crack? Who knows! There are, in fact,

pictures of me reacting to this same song the very same way!

This is almost more terrifying for my kids than Santa Claus!!!


MommyKnows said...

I think it's the singing! *wink* Just kidding!

Your girls are adorable!

My son screamed, "STOP, NO, STOP" on his 2nd birthday. It was so cute, we did it over and over.


REENblack said...

lol That is so cute though!!! Poor thing!