January 15, 2008

Aaaawwwww, SHUX!!!

It feels so good to be recognized, doesn't it? I am both honored and priveleged to be able to say that I have FINALLY BEEN RECOGNIZED!!! My awesome friend, wildtomato, has given me my very first blog award!!! It's the 'You Make My Day Award' and she says she gave it to me for my mad knitting skillz. As much as I try to deny it, deep down I'm a huge attention and compliment whore and can honestly say that this award has made my day!
So, thanks wildtomato!!! You make my day too!
According to the rules, I'm supposed to pass this award on to ten other bloggers. So, let's see just how far we can get with this:
1. CRABMOMMY (It's not 'schwag,' but it is something, right???) You are so honest and real about your parenting ups and downs. And, you're NICE, too! Who knew?
2. WHYMOMMY, you are dealing with so much. And, by taking us on your journey with you, you are not only opening our eyes to IBC, a very real and dangerous form of breast cancer, but you are keeping us in awe with your strength and inpirational messages every day.
3. Mrs. Flinger, because you never fail to keep it 'real' and make me laugh. Okay, so you've made me cry a few times too...but that just means you're even better!
4. Jessie, at I am David's Doll...you are so honest and straight forward and real. You say what most of us are thinking, but afraid to say. Thanks for that!
5. SJSFalter, you are just so cool! You are on such a great adventure right now with your family and you are also on the same weight loss journey that I'm on! You've always been super sweet (and sarcastic, at times, but that just makes me like you more!) and I feel that we really could be friends IRL.
6. Cass45, you had a rough start in life but are always impressing me with your incredibly giving nature and postitive attitude. You really do make my day!
7. Brie, you really are so awesome! I've met you once and cannot wait to get together again! I am horrible at making plans, so I may need a little PUSH...but I really do want to meet up and let all the kids play. You are a really great friend, and I feel like I can truly say that now.
8. CarilGirl, you certainly make my day! You've never failed to make me laugh right along with you and whatever mayhem you're family is into. You are one of my inspirations for knitting and one of the first blogs I ever started reading. You are a big part of where I am today with blogging and friends.
9. Angel....all I can say is that you have seven kids and I get the feeling you'd love to have more! You have one of the biggest hearts I've ever known and the patience of a saint! Angel definitely makes me want to be a better mother!
10. Bikergirl, you are another person that I truly think I could be good friends with IRL. You are so funny and real and you begin most of your blog entries with profound thoughts or keen observations. Your mind MUST be like a steel trap, because you seem to remember so many people's birthdays on top of everything else!
Okay, girls....now go on out there and spread the love!!!


brie said...

I feel so honored! Thanks baby!

Kari said...

Oh, I feel so touched!! You're the awesomest (I KNOW it's not a word, let's not get technical here) friend.

SJSFalter+ said...

You're awesome, thanks for the award. Without question you seem to know how to make my day as well.

Carli Girl* said...

You are such a ROCK STAR TOO!!! I tell you, who knew when we started blogging three years ago we would STILL be doing it?! I am honored and thankful for you as one of my online rays of sunshine. Keep knittin' girl. :)

Mrs. Flinger said...

I heart you soooo. XO

Also, I need to update Weightlosswars. Down 2!!! All because of YYOOUUUU

Jessie said...

I am here to claim my prize. Sorry it has taken this long. I thank you.

Jo said...

You deserve this award and many more! Congratulations girl!

REENblack said...

Awards rock! What a simple, yet meaningful one to get!!!

crabmommy said...

Leann! I adore thee! Thanks for the props! And for being such a good blogpal to me. Means a lot. And you know how I hate saying anything nice...but 'tis true.