December 13, 2007

Home Survey Thingy

My house, at least what I'll show to YOU!!!

I snagged this from SJSFalter and thought I’d give it a shot! (Yeah, too busy to be creative these days!)


1.) When you walk in your front door, which room do you enter? The living room

2.)Do you have a dishwasher? Yes

3.) Is your living room carpeted or does it have hardwood floors? Carpeted, but with tile at both entry ways.

4.) Do you keep your kitchen knives on the counter or in a drawer? I have a sneaky toddler, so most of them go in the butcher block which is currently located on top of the fridge.

5.) House, apartment, duplex or trailer? A poorly designed should see my kitchen!

6.) How many bedrooms is it? Three

7.) Gas stove or electric? Electric

8.) Do you have a yard? Yup, and then some!

9.) What size TV is in the living room? I think it’s like 60”…but’s it’s older than it should be for a projection TV and could go out at any minute!

10.) Are your plates in the same cupboard as your cups? No

11.) Is there a coffee maker sitting on your kitchen counter? Is a frog’s ass water tight? Ummmm…yeah.

12.) I just realized #12 is missing!

13.) What room is your computer in? The living room

14.) Are there pictures hanging in your living room? Yes, and they are wrapped right now for Christmas

15.) Are there any themes found in your home? There used to be, but my fanatic nature and needing everything matching got the better of me and I couldn’t handle the pressure of keeping it all together. Technically, 11YO and 4YO’s room is done in Hello Kitty, but that kitty cat is on her way out. They are getting their rooms redone and moving around after the holidays. I’m going to be very anti-theme after that because the girls change their minds too often. Yes, they are women in training!

16.) What kind of laundry detergent do you use? Tide

17.) Do you use dryer sheets? Yes, the lavender vanilla ones!

18.) Do you have any curtains in your home? Yes, but they are with the blinds because I am a vampire and do not like direct sunlight in my house!

19.) What color is your fridge? Almond, or the color of fingerprints. Depends on the day...

20.) Is your house clean? Never all at the SAME TIME!!! It’s sort of like running on a treadmill…you can work your ass off but you never really get anywhere! So, isn't it just easier to plant my butt in front of the computer instead? That's what I thought!

21.) What room is the most neglected? Probably my bathroom, because David and I are the only ones who use it. It’s usually toward the end of my ‘to-do list’ and gets kicked off said list quite often. Plus, it’s not like a lot happens in there!

22.) Are the dishes in your sink/dishwasher clean or dirty? Dirty.

23.) How long have you lived in your home? Almost 6 years

24.) Where did you live before? With my parents. I had just moved back to save money.

25.) Do you have one of those fluffy toilet lid covers on your toilet? Seriously?! UGH! NOOOOO!!! (And if I did, I wouldn’t’ admit it!)

26.) Do you have a scale anywhere in your house? YUP! It’s in my bathroom so I can pee and see how much weight I lost! TMI? You’re welcome!

27.) How many mirrors are in your house? Ummm, let’s see….one in each bathroom and one in the dresser in our room. Soooo, I guess my answer would be THREEEEE!!!

28.) Look up. What do you see? The new a/c vent we had installed this past summer. It blows the hot air right on me when I sit in front of my computer and I LOVE IT!

29.) Do you have a garage? Not attached to the house, but we had a big shop built in the back to make up for it. David knocked the garage out in exchange for a bigger living room.

30.) How many bathrooms? Two


REENblack said...

lol I LOVE #20!!! That is officially my new answer to why my house isn't clean! It gets soooo old doing the same thing over and over! And Mr. Computer gives me something new every day! :-) haha

Um, why are your pictures on your walls wrapped for Christmas??? Just curious!

Jessie said...

When we took in a foster child last year, the social worker moved my knife butcher block thing to the top of my fridge, she said it was safest there. And you know what? I havent moved it. More counter space for me!