December 3, 2007

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Well, that got your attention, now didn't it?
This is 4YO. She's wearing her sister's dress. She even put on lip gloss and 'did' her hair and was begging for me to take her picture.

I am finding it harder and harder to post worthwhile things here. I have a blog at and a journal at Weight Loss Wars and I post to them almost every day. However, I pretty much ramble about my kids and stuff at my Multiply page and I ramble on about my obsession with food at Weight Loss Wars, so I wanted to do something different here.

I'm beginning to think that maybe I don't have any other facets to my life!

Is this it for me? I have food issues and a family. My life, in a nutshell! I guess it's not so bad. I've always thought myself to be a pretty happy person. Maybe this is all I need. Maybe that is true, maybe that's what I just need to keep telling myself.

What I do know is that life grows and changes so quickly and what may seem monotonous and tedious right now will probably be missed when it's gone. We can't really say how bad today is until we've gotten to tomorrow. I'm at the point in my life right now where I seem to have very little control over how clean my house gets (and stays) or how focused I can become on any one thing. I cannot commit to much because I have to be able to drop whatever I'm doing to go rescuse 4YO because she just fell off the bathrrom counter or get 1YO out of the dishwasher before she goes for the knives. Again. But that will change. The kids will get older and more reasonable. Then, they will get even older and less reasonable again. I can only imagine the ups and downs we will deal with. The kids who are ALWAYS AROUND right now will soon turn into the teenagers that have better things to do than stay home with boring old Mom and Dad. I should just be grateful that I can tell you where my kids are and what they are doing right now.

I am pretty focused on my home right now. A few years from now, that may not be the case. As of now I have a great sense of pride in myself for the fact that I am done with my Christmas cards and they are in the mail. Today. I have a little over half of my shopping done. What I've bought is wrapped and under the tree. I'm trying to see who will actually unwrap a present first: 1Yo or Soccer. It's anybody's guess at this point! I've even already bought David's birthday present, since his birthday is just a few days before Christmas. 1YO's birthday is a few days after Christmas, but we'll see how Christmas goes and what all she gets before I buy her any presents for her birthday. I've even lost about 15 pounds since the end of October.

I feel pretty good right now. Life's good, kids are good....doesn't make for very interesting material though, does it? it's just taken me more than an hour to type this small entry, due to all the kidderuptions. The trouble-maker is now down for a nap and my laundry basket runneth over.

Yup, life is the way it should be....for now.

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wildtomato said...

How did *you* end up giving birth to girly-girls? I hope you've at least taught them how to belch out loud like a proper lady.