December 12, 2007

Letter to a Stranger

Dear Creepy Man at Applebees,

You honestly seemed like a nice guy. When my 1YO daughter put her hand on you, she may have even thought you were her dad. After all, you and my husband were sitting back-to-back, as you were in the booth next to ours. Your plaid flannel shirt and hearty laugh might have also been what drew my daughter to you. The fact that she touched the pocket of your pants is funny. David even made a joke about her 'going for the wallet next time.' And you laughed. You told us it didn't bother you at all and you know how little kids are. We all laughed and were about to get back to our own conversations.

But, why did you then have to tell my ONE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER to "call you when she's 20???" You didn't even try to explain the comment...and we weren't about to ask. That is just strange, any way you look at it. I had to fight my instinct to take my daughter as far away from you as possible. But, that would have meant skipping out on the check. You left shortly after that, even though the rest of your party remained. Did you realize what you said may have come off as a tad bit creepy? I hope so.

A Mother Who Will Watch Her Girls a Little More Closely Because of You


REENblack said...

Oh my gawd!!! That is beyond creepy! I think being overprotective is the way to be!!! Yet another reminder why living in the states scares me!

Jessie said...

At least he didnt say "call me when you're seven." People are jerks, it might have been a harmless comment, or it might not have been. There was this old man at the store when I was a kid who wanted to buy me for a quarter from my sister. He might have been joking, or he might have been a creep.

Personally, I think that the whole world is full of pedos and I trust no one. Sure, I might hurt someone's feelings, but nobody is going to fuck my kids.

Anonymous said...

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SJSFalter+ said...

Um not sure what to say except "Run, run far away from Applebee's".