July 9, 2008

Good Hump Day....I think!

Yesterday, they say our lovely temperature gauge made its way up to about 109 degrees. Pair that with all those California fires that are above and around us and you get air that is sticky, smelly, and just plain unhealthy!

Our newly acquired pool is wonderful, but feels more like a heated spa already! The heat wouldn’t be so bad if it would just cool down at night. But, noooooo….the weather guy was actually smirking when he said that it was still 95 degrees at 11:00 last night. Now, I know that we shouldn’t shoot the messenger, but did he have to be so cocky about it?

Even with the A/C on, it just doesn’t feel right in here. I love it when I can open the windows in the evenings or even eat dinner outside because it’s even cooler outside than it is in the house. Now, it feels gross outside no matter what time of day or night and being inside just makes you feel…..well, sort of trapped and suffocating.

My poor husband doesn’t feel like moving when he gets home from work, and I can’t say I blame him a bit. Not only is he out in the heat all day, but he spends a good portion of his day sorting the packages in the back of his big, brown oven on wheels. I guess that this would be a good time to remind you not to ship anything that cannot handle heat right now!

The girls and I have been keeping busy doing ‘inside things’ to entertain ourselves. I bribe them with swimming once a day, but I really can’t see how it’d be all that healthy to be outside playing much more than that right now, the air quality being what it is.

I went to the dentist for the first time in a very long time yesterday. For some reason, it just seemed so easy to put off my own appointments (for the dentist, anyway) when I had the appointments of so many others to deal with. Mom comes last, right? Well, I was surprised to hear that my teeth are actually very clean. I have one filling that needs to be replaced and two minor cavities. Considering the number of cavities I’ve already had in my lifetime, I think that is very good news! I was so amazed with the new technology in my dentist’s office. For example, the x-rays are digital now and the picture almost instantly appears on the monitor hanging in front of me as the images are taken. I’m not sure what made the whole appointment easier. It could either have been all the new-fangled gadgets surrounding me (I looooooove gadgets!) or it could have been the fact that I’ve been flossing a lot more lately. I was worried about the amount of coffee and tea that I consume on a daily basis, but my dentist was not. He said that many teas contain a natural fluoride that actually strengthen your teeth and to keep on drinking it, without sugar of course! I haven’t put sugar in my coffee or tea for about eight months, so that’s not a problem for me at all!

Plus, my dentist is hilarious! Now, how many people can say that about their dentist? Many dentists have gone through so much schooling that they actually seem to lose a bit of their personality and some basic social skills. Then, they get so used to the money aspect of their careers that they sort of see ‘dollar signs’ instead of patients. As a kid, my dentist was not what you’d call mean….but he would certainly not be considered nice either! He did, however, drive a very nice car! It just would have been nice to see him smile once in a while, you know?

After cleaning my house like a madwoman for Saturday’s party, I’m working on keeping it that way. I’m not sure how easy that will be with no real discipline or any sense of real routine on my part…but I’m gonna give it a try anyway! Even with this yucky valley air, I breathe a little easier when things are clean and in place. Plus, it will make it easier for David to come home from work to a more organized house after the sweaty, chaotic days he’ll be having. Did you know that someone can sweat so much that they can leave actual salt on their clothing? Like actual salt crystals. From sweat!

Well, B5YO just got here. She’s still sleeping, but I need to get myself something to eat. I’ve been eating horribly lately and I’m afraid to even go near my scale until I’ve had a few ‘good days’ first. In a couple of weeks, we are taking the kids to the beach for a few days. I’m so excited, because it’s bound to be cooler there right?

I have David’s lunch to make and our day to plan. I need to update the options in the ‘Good Bowl’ because my house stays cleaner that way and the kids won’t feel so confined and at each other’s throats.



Jessie said...

Temp is weird down here. It's humid and stormy looking, I guess it rained a little last night, but it's still like 92 degrees. Supposed to have thunderstorms this weekend.

Leann I Am said...

Wow...that is weird! It's almost like it's not summer.

Rain + hot = ICKY!!!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

And I'm feeling lethargic in 89 degree heat...Clearly I am a big baby.

Go, you, with the housecleaning and such! *Wishing much luck*

wildtomato said...

It's hot here... for us!

Lily is so cute and so patriotic!