July 30, 2008

The One Thing I've DONE Today

I was lucky to have a piece of some Strawberry Pizza Pie last weekend.
It really got me thinking: How hard would it be to make something like this on my own? With a basic pie crust, some cream cheese and powdered sugar whipped together, and some strawberries would be a really yummy and easy treat!
I'd been craving it all day. I tried my best to put the thought out of my head, but I could almost taste the flaky crust and strawberries as I tried to occupy myself with other things. Nothing worked, nothing got done. I managed to figure out a pie crust and throw this together pretty simply. I will try another recipe for the crust next time. This one tasted good, but the texture wasn't as flaky as I'd hoped. It feels good to experiment, though!
We are off to cheer practice pretty soon. That will make TWO THINGS I've done today.
(Then, if you count the two pieces of this thing I finished, that would make FOUR!)
I think I've had a pretty productive day, so long as I look at it that way!
Any good crust recipes, OH WISE INTERNET? I want something flaky and light, but doesn't contain any shortening or margarine.
And if it has NO CALORES OR FAT OR SUGAR...that would be nice too!
I'm just DARING a headache to come my way now!
Now, where did I put that migraine medication?

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wildtomato said...

My mom makes a strawberry pizza pie. I'll have to ask her for the recipe for you.