April 13, 2009

Acceptance, Overindulgence, and Lycra

I call this picture 'Acceptance.' This is the first day that both Lily and Aly have napped together in the recliner. They both love it and it has sort of turned into a competition of sorts as to which one gets to nap there. Aly can't get up there by herself yet, but she is able to make it very clear when she feels like being in 'her chair.' Until today, Lily's presence in said chair would cause an uproar from Aly, who would be on the ground at the time. If Aly were in the chair, Lily would just pace back and forth around the chair until it was vacant once again. But today, Lily finally decided that she wanted to lie in the chair badly enough that she was willing to share it with THAT PUPPY. Aly is just happy to have another warm body to snuggle with.

We had a terrific Easter! How about you?

It's the last day of Easter break here, and the kids are starting to go a little stir-crazy, I think! We didn't go to the library today. We really should have, but we have so much to do and school starts back up tomorrow. And once again, I can't see the floor in the girls' room!
I put the movie 'Flipper' on for the girls. It's just ending now, but it's nice to introduce them to things older than Hannah Montana! They seemed to enjoy it and even cheered for Flipper.
Now that the television is off, we will check the status of the girls' room. 13YO helped them clear the floor a bit. I can't expect perfection, but I do expect to be able to walk across the floor without having to step over things or walk right over them. If things are better, we might go for a walk. The girls are itching to go somewhere and I'm itching to not be annoyed on my last full day with them!
Plus, my thighs can't rely on lycra forever. I might have to actually get myself moving to get where I want to be. Easter candy, cookies, and Red Vines left over from the slumber party are not helping the situation either!
Now, just when did I last wear my tennis shoes?


wildtomato said...

Damn, I knew I forgot something at your house! I was going to take a handful of Red Vines!

I had junk food overload last weekend, but a good time was had by all. :)

Leann I Am said...

HAHAHA! I wish I'd have known...I would have sent the whole darn tub home with you!