April 26, 2009

Pre Algebra, Skinny Puppies and Cheap Toilet Paper

13YO is in the 7th grade, which means the math she's learning is Pre Algebra...if you can call that math! I guess it's more mathmatical than, say GEOMETRY...but it seems to be more based on logic and formulas than actual math. Algebra was easier for me to figure out than most of my classes...but that was, like TWENTY YEARS AGO. 13YO was having trouble with her homework, and I took a look at it. Typically, it only takes a minute or two for me to glance over her book, throw my hands up in the air and blurt "Ask your teacher" or "Don't you have a friend you can call and ask?" I usually remind her that it's been about 20 years since I've had to do this stuff and that nothing rings a bell.
But, for some reason, the book made sense this time. I grabbed a pencil and a piece of scrap paper and scribbled the problem down. I followed the example in the book and HOLY CRAP I STILL KNOW PRE ALGEBRA!!! From then on, I justified doing my daughter's homework with the fact that I couldn't explain it to her if I couldn't actually figure it out myself! I didn't actually do HER homework. In fact, on my own paper, I raced through the assignment and mocked my 13YO for it every step of the way for not keeping up with me! I warned her, "Wait untill you get to number 11...it's AWFUL!" while I giggled with glee. I was actually ENJOYING THIS! (Sad, I know.)
It then occured to me that, were I to do the 7th grade again now, I would be SO MUCH BETTER AT IT. I would now know that the popular kids have the same insecurites and problems and that we were all pretty much on the same playing field. I think they were just dressed better or slept around, is all. No big secrets there.
On the puppy front, Aly is growing in like a weed! She still hasn't thickened up like I'd like, but she has almost doubled in size since we brought her home three weeks ago. She is up to wanting to eat TWICE A DAY, instead of the one time a day that she wanted to eat a week or so ago. She has an appointment with the vet on Tuesday to get her second set of shots and a checkup. On the phone, they assured me that she was probably fine and boxers are just "on the lean side." I didn't think she'd be going through her 'awkward teenage phase' so young, but it looks like that might be where we are.
First of all, take a look at Aly's back paw in comparison to her head. I guess, when I look at it that way it's easy to understand why she cannot eat enough food to fatten up!

And look at that face! After pulling this picture up on my computer, I realize that she may have gotten dog food in her nose. EEWW!

And she sleeps just fine with her head resting in my hand!

And her body takes up twice the space on my lap than it did just a couple of weeks ago!

Lastly, the vet said that she would be done growing when her conehead goes away. Check out the bump on that nugget!
I want to conclude this session of rambling by talking about something that I hold near and dear to my heart: Toilet paper. I mean really...did you know that good toilet paper can make or break your day? Now, I usually do buy the cheap stuff...so long as it's two-ply. But I must say that I've been pretty lucky with my store-brands of choice. I was at a supermarket that I don't usually shop at and I picked up THEIR store brand of TP. Soooo not a good idea! It's thick enough alright. It's not all thin like public restroom toilet paper or anything like that. Instead, the problem lies with with the texture of said TP. When you bend this stuff, it practically breaks. Seriously, I have found this toilet paper to be part of a really bad way to start the day! No amount of good coffee can make up for the fact that it feels like I just ripped off the side of a shoebox and used it as toilet paper.
At least it says it's 'Safe for Septic Tanks' right?

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