April 6, 2009

Anniversaries and Cute Things

As of today, David and I have been married for seven years. We are just considering this puppy our anniversary gift to each other. Incidently, today is also the day that Aly turns 8 weeks old.

Yesterday was the first day that Aly really got to perk up and play. She was so tired when we brought her home on Saturday night that she didn't want to play much. She barely even whined during the night from her crate. We are crate training her and she will spend all nights and the days where we are not able to watch her in her crate, just as Lily did. As you can see from the video, Lily is warming up to her. Slowly, but surely. Lily enjoys other dogs much more when they play 'chase' with her but don't actually try to touch her. This puppy is in her face and all up in her business all the time! Lily really acts as if she's going to kill Aly, but hasn't actually caused any harm to her yet. Plus, I think it helps that Aly came from a home where her father played really rough with her. She takes a tumble and never misses a beat!

After yesterday, I think she was feeling much closer to us and threw a FIT when we put her in her crate for the night. She got over it...eventually. I think this whole process is going to be tougher on David than it is her! He caved, at one point, and took her out of her crate. I teased him that he probably just bought us another half an hour of yelping. (Which he DID...)

She plays so hard...and then it seems like she's practically in a coma for a few hours afterward! After this clip was filmed, she was worn out for the next couple of hours. I'd forgotten how much a puppy was actually like an human baby! They rest about as much as they're awake...maybe more!

Well, we are getting ready for our weekly library trip and still have quite a bit to do.

Enjoy your Monday!


Jolene said...

Your puppy is so cute. Happy Anniversary!

Jessie said...


Oh and happy anniversary, whatevs.