May 26, 2009

Black Eyes and Incredible Growing Puppies

I'm trying to get her to say, "You should see the other guy!"
I often make jokes about beating my children or selling them on Craigslist. Right now, I try not to joke like that with people who don't know me because my THREE-YEAR-OLD HAS A BLACK EYE. Sunday was a rather low-key day around our house. David did some yard work (or whatever he does when he goes outside) and I was trying to recover from the day before. (Which was awesome, but tiring as well!) 3YO had been a bit on the moody side. We had just gotten back from swimming with the neighbors. 3YO goes to the freezer and attempts to help herself to a corn dog. Combine the amount of food she had already wasted that day with the fact that I was starting dinner and she gets a firm 'NO CORNDOG' in response from me.
Well, that response triggered a Class 1 meltdown from said 3YO. My only choice was to tell her that she needed to finish that tantrum in her room, should she choose to continue. She puts the corn dogs back and heads to her room, her head spinning and everything. Since I could very well hear the screaming, I knew she was heading toward her room. I did not need to watch her, anyone could tell where she was from the horrible noise she was making! The funny thing is, the crying didn't change. She hadn't gotten to her room yet. I ask her why she's not in her room and she just keeps on crying.
Just then, David walks by. He asks why she's crying and I tell him. He sort of nodded in understanding and then followed that up with, "But, what happened to her eye?"
That got my attention.
Apparently, she rounded the corner in her fit of rage and didn't pay attention to the large hutch that has always been there. She has a purple bump come up immediately under the outside corner of her eye. Once she realizes she's justified in crying, she stops. She no longer complains about her eye. We try to ice it, but she won't have it.
The next morning, she wakes up with a full-on shiner. I like to call her my little 'prize fighter.' But the jokes about beating my children and such...they pretty much have to be put on hold until my child no longer looks like I actually beat her. Then, I'm sure the tasteless jokes will continue.


I love the boxer head-tilt thing. It sums up the breed perfectly.

Here is Aly in comparison to Lily. They are just about the same height now, though Lily still has a few pounds on her! Every week, like clockwork, I have to loosen Aly's collar another notch. Is this really the puppy I was worried about? Hardly. The giant paws and lean muscle are making her look so strong and powerful. She's still all legs, but her body doesn't look so skinny now!

Lastly, Lily is still such the lady, isn't she? She always crosses her front paws when she lays down.
Such a lady.

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skl said...

This weekend, each of us got hurt some how... Little Lady fell off the stool at Grandma's house and bashed her cheek and bit the inside, she has a lovely bruise. Mr Man went to let the dog out of the bathroom and I am guessing tried to run while standing on a "pretty" placemat (why it was in the bathroom is beyond me) bashed his knee open on the threshhold of the bathroom/bedroom (you know the kind, the brass strip wit nails in it) then earlier that evening while cooking dinner for the whole famdamly D is walking out of the "garden house" (a small screened in room at the rents) scratches his side open on a rusty hinge (yes, he's current on his tetanus shot) then Tuesday morning while trying to find a new bandage for the hunk of meat that was torn off M's knee, I was in the garage and my bike fell off the ceiling and fell on my arm, totally bruising up my bicep... good times here in the L household!