May 24, 2009

Idle Hands, Compression Stockings, and Snuggies

Isn't there an old saying about idle hands being the devil's workshop?
Last week was very busy. So busy, in fact, that I was pretty worn out toward the end of it. Earlier in the week, 6YO had her Open House at school. Both 6YO and 3YO had gotten new sandals and I had the brilliant idea to paint their toenails for the occasion. They were as cute as can be wearing their new sandals and freshly painted toenails! Since I was a total zombie by Friday afternoon, the kids had a little more 'free time' than usual. I do remember 3YO coming to me and asking me to paint her nails red. (Hers were pink to begin with.) I remember telling her I would help her with that later. And, somehow, I remember assuming that she'd listened to me! I'm not sure why. It's not as if I'm 'NEW HERE.' I know this child has a mind of her own like no other. But, I was tired and preoccupied with either making my menu plan for the week or staring at the wall or something. And it was only a few minutes before we left to pick 13YO up from school.
I get 3YO and 6YO in the car and we drive to go pick up 13YO. A few minutes after 13YO is in the car, she says, "Mom. What did [3YO] do to her fingers?" I'm still sort of a zombie, using every bit of effort to get us all home in one piece and not paying much attention to the chatter going on amongst the girls. At some point, within a few minutes of being home, 13YO goes into the front bathroom and alerts me that I've "got to see this."
From what I gather, 3YO took it upon herself to paint her nails. She must have decided that the best place to paint them would be the bathroom (SCORE-1 for her!) so no carpet was affected. However, she must have also decided that the CLEAN, WHITE TILE on the counter could use a little color as well. Her fingers, upon closer inspection, were painted red from the knuckle to the tip of the nail. There was red nail polish all over the counter, even some in the grout. Once this was discovered, she and I had a little 'chat' and she spent the time it took for me to clean it all up in her room. Between the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and a cotton ball with a bit of nail polish remover on it, I think I got it all off.
Now, I know I have independent children. They can pour their own milk and open their own string cheese from a very young age. I often joke that I should write a book about how to be a lazy mom! But, the independence thing also proves to be a bad thing at times. Sometimes, they think they should be able to do more, which can result in self-haircuts and spilled milk, which I try very hard not to cry about. The haircuts do hurt a little more than the milk, though.
In other news, I've ridden my bike for a few miles at a time twice this week. I plan to do it more, especially since the mornings are still rather cool here. I'm trying very hard to watch what I eat, but it's a matter of taking baby steps if I want these new habits to stick. I'm watching my carbs (somedays, just as they enter my pie hole!) and I'm making sure I get enough fiber and drinking plenty of water. Tweaking those few things and getting a bit of exercise under my belt is bound to make a slight difference, right? I hope so. As it is, I'm stuck in jeans all summer since I have to wear my 'old lady stockings.' I wish I could pull off the long dress thing without getting out of my comfort zone. I am in serious need of a makeover. It's just so hard to feel good in clothes in hot weather when the thing you care most about covering is your ANKLES. (Okay, so the rest of my legs aren't so hot either, but the ankles are the toughest to cover...especially when you have a closet-full of capri pants.) And no one really wants to see my compression stockings, do they?
Where are those people from the Style Network when you need them?
I'm finding that, the older I get, the more of myself I want to cover. At this rate, it will only be a matter of time before I won't leave the house without wearing a Snuggy.
Seriously...Style Network people? ANYONE???

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wildtomato said...

Don't you dare wear a Snuggie. I'm no fashion maven, but I can't allow that!