May 20, 2009

Only A Woman!

Okay, so I stumbled across this through a series of clicks.
Now, as for what I found....WOW. There is a photographer based in Lake Tahoe who is very dedicated to her work. SERIOUSLY. This woman actually photographed the birth of her OWN CHILD. (This is also a great case in favor of the epidural!) As if that wasn't keeping it in the family enough, her own husband actually delivered the baby! Can you imagine???
What an awesome thing to treasure forever!
In other news, I don't know what's wrong with me. Now, before you go into the huge list that just popped into your head, (whether you'll by listing them all alphabetically or by order of importance!) let me get a little more specific: I woke up at 5:30 this morning so I could take a FIVE-MILE BIKE RIDE at 6:00. Like I said, I think there's something wrong with me! (Alright..just stop with the comments now! I get it! I get it!)
It's very awkward for me to type right now. I have a sleeping Aly on my lap. She doesn't fit quite the same as she did just a few weeks ago. Aly is growing in leaps and bounds. I need to get her back into the vet in the next week to get her third set of shots, time just passes so quickly! She is filling out quite well, too. While she used to worry me with her frail appearance, she is now building this lean muscle that makes her look even more like a miniature adult boxer than before. She's proportioned almost just like an adult dog...only smaller! Her rate of growth has been so crazy that I'm actually already starting to feel bad for her. You see, Aly loooooooves to be held and cuddled and carried around. But, the day will come (and sooner than we originally thought, too!) that she will just be too big to pick up and carry around. How will she understand? Are we going to have a sixty-pound lap dog? 3YO just carried her to me. She was huffing and puffing the whole way, while Aly just hung there patiently in her arms. I give it another week before 3YO can't pick her up at all!
Not only did I get actual physical exercise this morning (and even without being chased by a bear, no less!) but I busted out the Wii Fit yesterday. I need to get into better habits. I'm still sort of controlling my carbs, but I'm not paying as much attention to them as I am to my fiber intake. I'm also feeling the repurcussions of the sudden increase in fiber in my diet. (So is my family, actually!) I'm hoping to just keep us this pace and power through all this discomfort. It's already become a lot more tolerable, so that's a start!
Well, I need to get the Wii Fit out and start moving again, before I lose my motivation!
Have a great day!

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wildtomato said...

Way to go on the 5 mile bike ride! And you woke up early to do it? Even more props to you.

I am so not going to click on that woman giving birth link. That will seal the deal for us being childless forever if I do...