May 7, 2009

Poor Baby

Whatever I have (or had) that had no real symptoms, 3YO has it and she has ALL the symptoms. The runny nose has actually gotten a lot better since yesterday, but it's still there. There is no fever today whatsoever, but the cough is tighter. We've broken out HER albuterol inhaler and she's quite the pro at taking it now. We're quite a pair...making sure we both have our inhalers before we can leave the house.
A great trick (for my kids, anyway!) when I want them out of my hair for a few minutes is to tell them to CLEAN SOMETHING. Whatever I ask them to pick up becomes their new favorite toy and THEY MUST PLAY WITH IT NOW. RIGHT NOW. It's a good way to distract them when I'm trying to do something. Nothing ever really gets cleaned, but this works in a different way. Granted, to actually get them to clean requires me to show them the flames in my eyes....but that's a small price to pay for some peace and quiet every now and again.
So, I told the girls to clean up the backyard. They had toys all over the yard and it makes it hard for David to mow it and all that jazz. It's nice and sunny outside and this would be a perfect day for them to pick up after themselves. It would also be a great opportunity for me to get the rest of the laundry done and put away without having to trip over them every couple of minutes! I told them to pick the toys up and they disappeared. The first thing they picked up instantly became their favorite toy and they were occupied for at least 30 minutes. That is, until I looked over and saw 3YO napping in the floor.
6YO was still outside playing, but 3YO could stay awake no longer. She's still pretty worn out from this cold. It doesn't help that I scooped her up from her nap earlier to pick 6YO up from school, only to have to go and pick 13YO up from her school and drag all three of them to the eye doctor. 13YO got new glasses. We had to wait for out turn to get the glasses, wait to have them bent to fit better, and then she had to see the eye doctor to have him check them over. He just wanted to make sure the prescription was right. Then, we had to hurry back and take 13YO back to her school for the dance. She's in leadership and has to work a shift at the snack bar at the dance.
Basically, I think she's just trying to pick up where she left off with that earlier nap!
UGH! She had the worst coughing fit WHILE we were in the eye doctor's office! Those poor people just stopped wearing their MASKS to keep the Swine Flu away! Just last week, everyone working there was in masks and gloves...even the ones who just answer the phone! I guess I'm just a risk-taker or something...and I hate wearing those masks!
Anyhow, the dryer is calling. And, if I don't answer it, the mornings are way more chaotic than they need to be.
But tomorrow's Friday...YAY!!!
(BTW, I took a break toward the end of this and clipped Aly's nails. MAN SHE'S well as her talons! And 3YO...she still passed out in the floor!)
Poor baby.

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Jessie said...

I love the dead kid picture, that's priceless.