May 29, 2009

Fundraising, Melissa Joan Hart and Fiber

We're gearing up for the final week of school around here. Amusingly enough, the grading period actually ends today, yet they have one more week of school.
How does this make sense? If they can't grade them on anything else, why should they have school?
The answer: Field trips to waterparks and pizza places, class parties, awards ceremonies, kindergarten graduations, and days to just play in the sprinklers.
SERIOUSLY? This was sooooo not the case when I was in school! IF I were lucky, my mom would take us for a scoop of ice cream on the last day of school! Things have really changed! We have less money, yet we have more things to spend it on.
Speaking of that, I can remember the way my elementary school operated when I was a kid. When the PTA decided that the school should be able to have one of those newfangled Xerox machines, they organized a fundraiser. We sold candy bars to earn the money for the first copy machine. That's just how it was. You want something, you find a way to earn money for it. If someone asks my kids what they are having fundraisers for, their answer is usually, "Money for the school." They have no clue what the school wants or needs to do with the money.
Granted, they need the money, I know! But things were so much simpler when we just earned one thing at a time, you know? When I started elementary school, we didn't have air conditioning in the classrooms. That was a luxury. While I was there, they did install a/c.
Hehe...between the a/c and the Xerox machine, we were SO ahead of our time! HAHAHAHA! did I get here?
Ooooohh...that's right. I remember now: Melissa Joan Hart.
You see, Melissa Joan Hart is just a year younger than I am. I see her as an 'age equal' of sorts. So, when she was on GMA this morning talking about her weight loss after her second baby, I paid attention. I have three kids and I could definitely stand to lose some poundage myself. She talked about how she did it and how she got ready for her COVER OF PEOPLE MAGAZINE PHOTO SHOOT IN A BIKINI.
She also talked about how she saw so many pictures of herself with all the baby weight on and how she realized that she now had to compete with the young women on the scene. Then, she named off Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus.
That put a little knot in my stomach. The new 'young women' are Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens? Miley is three years older than my oldest daughter.
If Sabrina the Teenaged Witch is no longer young, then neither am I!
So, here I sit. I just finished my bowl of All Bran. (No, I'm not joking. Fiber is crucial to proper digestive health, you know!) I'm also glad that I washed my compression stockings last night and hung them to dry...I'll need them today.
Hmmm....maybe the Metamucil crowd will have me. I'm sure I'd still be young on that scene...

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